Monday, July 7, 2008

Don't put stuff down the drain

While doing my hair today Alexis put her new hair pretty down the drain. I got the sweet look of "What mommy?" when I said "No, No, No Alexis don't put stuff down the drain!" It was too late though it slide down and was gone. Britt took the curved part off when he got home, but it was all the way through. Now had I know that you don't need a tool to take that part off I would have done it myself and maybe could have got it out, but I didn't. Sad so we only have one now and it will have to be for a single ponytail(if we can ever get her hair long enough).

Erin left today to start the trip home to Kansas. We went out to Godfather's pizza lunch buffet with Kate, Chad, Mallori, Jenn, Ashlee and Erin and her kids before she left and to celebrate Alma's birthday again. We had cupcakes at Grandma's house Yesterday and had so much fun. We played in the front yard and played statues... it was great even Alexis was poising. Grandma makes the yummiest frosting, Britt had 4 cupcakes and I had 3 it was that good. Erin left with me checking the air pressure in her tires. The pressure gauge broke apart on the last tire but it went back together easily; said a last goodbye to the kiddos and Alexis blow kisses and said "bye An Ern" and away they went. Good luck on your drive home and hopefully the next time we see you Alexis won't call all 3 boys Alma! Haha!

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The Waggoners said...

Hey, it's good to see you guys on here! I've been married for almost two years now and have a one year old daughter who loves to put things down the toilet. So I can relate. :) Check out our blog if you have the time.
Stefan, Kim, & Mikkayla