Sunday, July 20, 2008

No he didn't

The worst fear of learning to play the piano almost came true today. In Sharing time they wanted a song to be sung and the pianist had stepped out so they asked if anyone played the piano. My dear sweet husband volunteered me. Ok I am petrified to play in front of people and for sure would not have been able to have all the kids sing along to "I'm trying to be Like Jesus." Have you looked at that song....even the top hand takes skill to keep the tempo up for singing.

Anyways they all look at me even the kids and I say no I can't play that song.
They say we just need the top hand
Britt says what have I been paying all that money out for if you aren't going to play in church
My face is a deep red color and I say I will stop coming if you make me play
I corrected myself and said just to primary I will go to all other meetings

Why doesn't he understand that 2 years of lessons is not enough to play in front of people. I am just not ready for that. I would have play a simplified version but didn't have one...and will not ever bring it to church either. One day I will get over my fear, but just like leading the music it won't be anytime soon. So leading the music I did that once in Relief Society, it was very humbling. If you think it is natural it is not, I often thought I can do it I have seen the music lead for years and years. When I got up there I experienced the same color of red on my face and botched the whole thing, it was so awful I begged another lady to take my place for the practice hymn. I think my church service is better left for quiet behind the scenes stuff! Maybe like taking attendence for sunbeams and then letting them run wild for 45 minutes!! Ok well I don't let them run wild but we do have lots of wiggle time.

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leslie mae said...

Oh Crystal I am so sorry!!! That is SO hard to be put in that situation. I honestly can't tell you how many times I have totally bombed in front of people; my hands still get all sweaty and I've been known to use baby powder to dry them up before I play!

Don't give up!!! I'm sure Britt is just proud of you! PS, it's A LOT harder to learn when you're an adult!