Friday, August 29, 2008

Why a swim suit

I just wish I knew what kids thought about! Almost everyday Alexis gets all of her swimsuits out and proceeds to try and put them all on at once. It is 9:00am does she truly think that I am going to let her swim? She cracks me up too because with putting 5 suits n at once well it gets a bit difficult and so she screams. All tops and bottoms go on top. She is just too silly.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Make believe....

Today Alexis was super cute! I bought her some more of the crayola beginning paintbrushes and let her paint. First she was really into swishing them back and forth and then she tried tracing her hand, then painted her hand and after all that fun she started playing make believe. The paintbrushes have little faces on them and she had them talking, kissing and hugging each other it was so funny...I have video too! Alexis loves to copy other kids..especially if they cry. Why doesn't she copy them when they are being quiet and she is crying? I guess the world will never know. Haha I tried taking her 2 year old pictures today what a joke....I told her that one day she is going to ask me "Mom where are my two year old pictures?" and I will respond with "See all the pictures of the little girl running away. Those where your 2 year old pictures!" I did get a few good ones, they all are good just not hang on your wall good, so maybe this weekend Britt and I can get some fantastic shots of our sweet girl. I will up load that video because it is melt your heart cute! Here is the disappointment, as I walk down the hall to get the cable for the video camera I realized Mallori is sleeping in there, so the video will have to wait until tomorrow sorry! Don't worry I won't forget it was too cute.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

That's a wrap

For her Birthday we sang happy birthday to her in Spanish (not sure why we just did), Britt is so funny he said feliz navidad to her first, ha ha I laughed at him. Then we took her to breakfast, our tradition, and Jenn, Ashlee, Stephanie, Ben and Sam joined us at Shari's. After that we took the kids to the farm and they saw some animals. We then went home and Alexis slept for awhile, though not long enough. We went outside and rode bikes and scooters until it started raining hard. We barbecued with my folks and it was yummy. The kids played and played and had loads of fun. When everyone else had left Britt and I took her to get ice cream at Cold Stone and then to Target to get a new toy. We went up and down the toy isles and let her look and touch everything and all we came away with was a hair ball. Now why a 2 year old couldn't think of anything else to spend her gift card on confuses me but that is what happened. I actually am just fine with it since I had to go through her toys and change her room around to fit her new toys better. She is the best daughter a daddy and mommy can ask for. We love her to pieces and just love watching her grow up. She is a dancer at heart, if she hears anything close to a beat she dances. She sings and it is great, I hope she is better then I am. It just amazes me that two years ago she was a little newborn baby and we where still in shock that she was ours to keep, and a bit tired. It is all worth it and I would not change a bit of the last two years for anything. Ok maybe Britt breaking his leg could be changed! I LOVE YOU ALEXIS!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Picture Slide show

Still Celebrating Turning 2

Happy Birthday Party Alexis!  We had great sunny weather for her party and the park was lovely and shaded, small conflict with picnic shelter so we moved up the hill to the basketball court, nice breeze blowing to cool the 80 degrees plus humidity and of course family and friends.  Alexis choose Dora the Explorer theme for this year and she got a boots shaped cake made by yours truly.  I have decided I am not good a cake creating and will stick to regular rectangular shapes!  We made noise makers first thing and then played "what's in the back pack" each kid got to pull a toy or game out and then keep it.  We also had a piƱata that we bought in Mexico, it was small and Britt had to modify it.  The kids ran up and down the hill to the play ground.  Alexis was so excited when we sang happy birthday to her and she blow out both candles and then clapped, it was totally cute.  She opened her presents and then willingly let me take them and hand her a new one, she actually opened them by herself too.  It was great; we have great family and friends.  Alexis got her scooter and I only had to show her what to do for 10 seconds and she was off, slow but going!  Thanks to Jon and Steph for helping us setup twice!  Thanks Jen for helping and especially for watching Alexis tonight.  Mom and Dad thank you for bringing the tables.  The most special thank is for Britt...I have been kind of crabby with getting this party ready and he has taken it all in stride (a very difficult thing for him).  I am so grateful that Alexis is my little baby girl (who is growing way to fast).  I really can't imagine how sad and lonely we would be if we didn't have this sweet girl in our hearts.  She is talking so much and it is the cutest to hear her voice, she started saying flip-flop yesterday and it melts my heart. 


Last night we went to the mother and daughter camp out for our ward and it was fun.  Alexis was having a blast and the older girls (8 to 13) just loved playing with her.  I barely even had to follow her because they just took such good care of everything...except her run in with the kitten.  During the program Alexis had gone up to the house and well that cute little kitten just didn't know that running from the child would have been a good idea.  I am told that she had a death grip on this poor little fur ball.  After the cat was rescued from certain death I came upon the scene and she was made to apologize to the kitten.  That's when the program ended and the kids started playing freeze tag and Alexis went back to jumping on the trampoline...might have to check Craig's list for one.  I think she spent 90% of the campout on it.  She started getting really clingy and I lead her to the tent, go her in jamas and then laid down with her.  She would open her eyes and say "I'm tired" and then close them again.  She did that 3 times and then fell asleep.  Britt came to spell my dad for security for a few hours so I went and talked with him for a while and waited for the kids to calm down a bit and then went to bed.  Alexis slept for about an hour longer then I did and then she came out and found the kitten again before I could get to her, but this time she was holding it very gently.  The girls carried her around and she jumped, copied and played just like she was the same age as them.  It was great for me, I got to pack everything up and then they brought her over to me and we left.  I am totally wiped out though, between hearing my parents getting back and in their tent at 12:30, Josie waking up and wanting to go home...poor Brooke, and the dogs howling I didn't get a very restful sleep.  So I will upload pictures from both events tomorrow after church if I don't take a nap!  Thanks for everyone who came to her party and who just loves our little girl; you all mean so much to us.  We Love you Alexis!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Public Potty

I took Alexis to the store and for her free birthday ice cream cone at Baskin-Robbins

Please don't ask

Today I made an appointment with a Doctor at Seattle Reproductive Medicine. I am hopeful, yet have doubts. I just thought I would blog it that way everyone who cares knows and I won't get a bunch of people asking us what we are going to do about having a baby or if we are going to adopt again. I am not saying we are not going to adopt again just right now we are going to see what this Doctor can do for us. The nice thing(if there is such a thing with infertility) is because I have endometriosis our initial appoint should be covered by insurance <$350> saved. I have already had a bunch of the tests that they usually start with and so has Britt, they may still want to do them again. I hope that the Doctor will give us good news and tell us it will be a simple fix....not likely though. Maybe this doctor will be able to tell us why Britt's testosterone levels are over 1400, that's twice what high should be. So that is the story and I will tell everyone what is going on as soon as I go see him in a few weeks. Until then please don't bug us too much with questions since we won't have anymore answers then what I just wrote! Not trying to be a snob it just gets really old when everyone asks....because everyone does.

P.S. Why won't insurance companies pay for infertility, stinking large amounts of money we could save. So if anyone would like to give us big bunches of money, we won't ask where it came from we will just say thank you!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Greenwater camping trip

Here is our camping trip photos! The kids loved the river and even though we didn't get pictures of us swimming all three kids dunked all the way under the freezing water and so did Steph and I! Britt only went in to his neck....chicken. Fun times, we are hoping to squeeze one more camping trip in before summer is over(even though weather wise it feels like it today).

Can't believe I'm this far behind!

I put her hair in rags and then we head off to the Enumclaw street fair to see Rick and Linda Morse. Alexis absolutely loves older kids and will follow them around and copy everything they do. Most older kids love her too. She sat so good for me while I did her hair and left it in until her hair was dry. I really love her hair curly and plan to do it for her birthday party(hopefully I have time when we get home from the mother daughter camp out). After the fair on Saturday The Morse's, My family, The Dahle's and the Irwin's(here for the Scottish Highland games with my dad) all came over to our house and we had a big salmon dinner and of course it poured. Rick pulled out the kettle corn kettle and Britt and Rick popped us some good kettle corn, the kids ran around in the rain and got totally soaked, Britt bowled a 300 on the wii and was beyond happy. I think that wraps up the month of July!

Did I ever tell you?

I was just thinking about how silly Alexis is and reminiscing about her cat wrangling day. It was an ordinary day at the end of July and I had put Alexis in her bed and said the usually "I love you and good night," closed the door and walked out. A few minutes later I heard grunting and yelling sounds coming from her room. I waited a few minutes to see if maybe she was just playing and then because it kept going I decided to investigate. I feared opening the door and finding her stuck somewhere like in her toy box or something, but that is not what I found. I found her laying on the floor with the cat trapped between her arms and her rolling around. The cat who is like 16 pounds was laying there with a very pained look on his face "get me outta here fast." I laughed because he was being so tolerable and usually does his best to keep out of her reach. He had been looking out her bedroom window behind the curtain when I put her to bed and was trapped. Now if he had been smart he would have stayed hidden, but he came out hoping to escape and found himself face to face with a toddler who loves to wrestle. He was so good to he didn't scratch her or bite her, just laid there and took all her Rodeo tricks like a champ! I asked her release the cat and he ran like lightening to his bed! She then got in her bed and went to sleep. It was the funniest thing though. Surprisingly he is a bit less jumpy at her now. He was caught in there 3 days later but I looked for him before shutting the door to avoid the wrangling cat event. Funny stuff.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ebay saves the day

I love ebay sometimes! I have been scouring the stores and internet for knee and elbow pads for Alexis to use with her new scooter. I have been able to find tons of them but most sets only come with one set of pads and a helmet. Well she already has a good helmet and I wanted 2 sets of pads....what is a mom to do? Go to ebay. I found this set that has 2 wrist gaurds, 2 elbows pads and 2 knee pads! Way cool, and for a reasonable price too. To bad I waited so long that she will be trying out her new scooter with only her helmet on. Maybe they will be here by her birthday on Monday though and she will get to open something then! By the way I think I have everything bought for her party on Saturday now I just need to put it all together. I should do it now while she is napping, but nope I am blogging!

Monday, August 18, 2008

what is that bitter taste?

Just now I licked my lips and I had this awful bitter taste and I was wondering what it was. I washed my hands because I had been to the store (horrid experience that no mom should ever go through) and I thought maybe I got something on my hands there and then I remembered. I remembered what I did when I got home. I opened the door to find Alexis's breakfast plate on the floor and I knew Rudy had got it down and licked it clean. This has become a very bad habit of his and we are really at a loss as to how to stop it. Besides the obvious of putting him outside or clearing the counters. Seriously though he has eaten cubes of butter and yesterday ate a whole package of club crackers. Back to the bitter taste I bought that dog stuff that you spray on things to keep them from ripping apart your house. I sprayed it on the plate and had him lick the plate. Must have got some on my fingers and trust me I didn't want to lick them again! Haha so it worked for me. I don't think it worked on the dog though, the food is just so tempting. By the way advice to Rudy "If the people have had a really bad shopping trip don't cause them any reason to be angry with you!"

I really had a bad day so far. I should have know it wasn't a good day to shop though since Alexis had a melt down because of her bath, then she wanted to wear her swim suit and go in the pool, it is raining so that isn't an option. She was having a beyond melt down fit at the dollar store. I was so embarrassed and was getting angrier by the second at her. She is so lucky that we were in public or I would spanked her really hard. At home I would have just walk away and shut myself up into the closet and hide for awhile, haha. She tried 3 or 4 times to throw herself out of the cart, one time she almost succeeded, good thing I have quick reflexes. I really wanted to crawl behind the stuffed animals and hide. As I was walking to the car I told her that my patience level for her had run all the way out and if she cried getting into her car seat I would have to spank her. She didn't cry, thank heavens because I probably would have left a mark I was so upset. So after I got in the car I turned around and gave her a big talk about how she has to start being better in the store. She looked up at me through her eyelashes and just listened to all I had to say. Then fell asleep on the way home. I hate feeling like that. I truly wish that I could find away to help her just sit and be good. It isn't like she was sitting in the cart the whole time either. Just when I was in line to pay, because I didn't want her going outside or back to the toys. So that was my shopping trip to buy things for her birthday party. Talk about ungrateful, then when I told Britt about it he said that was her way of saying don't spend hard earned money. He didn't get the haha result he wanted though....ohwell he will learn not to make light of my day when I am still on the way home from the said melt-down experience.

I will post pictures of our eventful life soon, just need to have some time to down load them.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is this normal?

This is the first time I have been the one doing the hard work with potty training, when I worked at the day care we would work on it but they stayed in diapers until they were almost done. Ok so she always starts to potty in her underwear and then runs to the bathroom and finishes up. Is that normal? Just now she pee peed in her underoos and then ran on her own to the potty chair. I heard her and went in the bathroom and she had finished going. So I made a big deal about her going and only told her quietly that she needs to try and and get to the potty chair before she starts to go. I am not trying super hard though to train her, this is all her doing. I decided this weekend that I am going to buy cheap diapers though since she takes them off as soon as she wets them. She does recognize though when she has started to pee and then tells me. Maybe it is just a matter of controlling those muscles better and will get better with time. That what I was wondering if this is kind of normal when they are first starting out. As a child I hard a very hard time because my muscles weren't that strong and I had small kidneys so it caused me to have infections a lot.

Get Away

Britt and I are planning a get away, without children. Sunday we had to stop by our friends the Koeller's house to get Britt's phone and as we were talking they asked when we were all going to go on a vacation without kids together. They want to go to Sandals in Jamaica next year and were thinking that we would like to go. Haha I think the look on my face when he said without kids must have been priceless because he quickly said you can bring Alexis though. I laughed and said that if I was going some place that nice I wouldn't bring her, but that I wanted to wait until she was closer to 4 to leave her for a week. So he suggested going to Cannon Beach for the weekend. I can do that. I am just nervous about leaving the country without her. In a lot of those vacation spots the airports are only open certain times of the day and flights out are limited and usually booked, so if something happened it would be hard to get home quickly. Here in the USA you can always get a flight that will get you closer to home at anytime. So I think we are going to Oregon and leave the girl with Grandma and Grandpa Martin for a few nights. I am excited, but it will be weird to not have her around for a few days.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Good bye for now

Well we are for the weekend in the woods. Our power is getting turned off for the day so they can hook up new power lines through our neighborhood and so this is my last chance to communicate to my blogger fans out there. We will come back mosquito bitten, dirty and hopefully full of fun tales. See ya on Sunday.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Warm water

Today Alexis woke up dry and Britt decided that today is the big day to really start potty training. I however will be waiting until after our camping trip this weekend to start full time. Anyways back to my husbands technique. When he lets her out of her overnight prison( her room) he steers her right into the bathroom and sits her down. He was going to read her the potty story book, but changes his mind and fills a cup with warm water. She of course being a child who would live in warm water like a mermaid, sticks her hand in. In 10 seconds she starts to go potty and stands up to see. Britt knows she isn't done so encourages her to play in the water more and she finishes up. Of course she was very excited and said "I go potty!" and then "I want candy," haha she is getting the clue that when she goes potty she gets a piece of special potty candy. I have had a hard time resisting eating this candy too by the way. I laugh because my husband does not do things the normal way but it works most of the time even if he gets funny looks from me. I will still bring the potty chair camping just in case, really hate changing diapers and keeping them around for a few days, yuck. I am so lucky however that she has not had a #2 accident yet. I know that I will not escape this training without one, but so far haven't had that. I am going to make a sticker chart for her, since she loves stickers so much. Well I need to get back to reading Breaking Dawn, thanks Kate for letting me borrow it!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Today I got out the eggs to cook one up for Alexis, I personally don't like them very much, and set them on the counter. While the stove heated up, Alexis must have felt that I had forgotten I was making her breakfast because it was taking longer then she felt it should take so she was going to make it herself. She pulled the egg carton off the counter, only 4 eggs it there luckily, and began taking the eggs out. When I turned around I only saw 1 egg in there. She was holding the other three in her arms and tried to turn and run from me. I got 2 before she got away and the other she was holding on to like it was a diamond! I got it and put them in the fridge! I just am amazed at what her little mind decides to do. She got her egg and devoured it and wanted more. If only we could video all of these little moments for others to see how funny life is. Wrestling eggs from a almost 2 year without breaking one! Well gotta run got a fun day.