Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ebay saves the day

I love ebay sometimes! I have been scouring the stores and internet for knee and elbow pads for Alexis to use with her new scooter. I have been able to find tons of them but most sets only come with one set of pads and a helmet. Well she already has a good helmet and I wanted 2 sets of pads....what is a mom to do? Go to ebay. I found this set that has 2 wrist gaurds, 2 elbows pads and 2 knee pads! Way cool, and for a reasonable price too. To bad I waited so long that she will be trying out her new scooter with only her helmet on. Maybe they will be here by her birthday on Monday though and she will get to open something then! By the way I think I have everything bought for her party on Saturday now I just need to put it all together. I should do it now while she is napping, but nope I am blogging!

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