Tuesday, August 26, 2008

That's a wrap

For her Birthday we sang happy birthday to her in Spanish (not sure why we just did), Britt is so funny he said feliz navidad to her first, ha ha I laughed at him. Then we took her to breakfast, our tradition, and Jenn, Ashlee, Stephanie, Ben and Sam joined us at Shari's. After that we took the kids to the farm and they saw some animals. We then went home and Alexis slept for awhile, though not long enough. We went outside and rode bikes and scooters until it started raining hard. We barbecued with my folks and it was yummy. The kids played and played and had loads of fun. When everyone else had left Britt and I took her to get ice cream at Cold Stone and then to Target to get a new toy. We went up and down the toy isles and let her look and touch everything and all we came away with was a hair ball. Now why a 2 year old couldn't think of anything else to spend her gift card on confuses me but that is what happened. I actually am just fine with it since I had to go through her toys and change her room around to fit her new toys better. She is the best daughter a daddy and mommy can ask for. We love her to pieces and just love watching her grow up. She is a dancer at heart, if she hears anything close to a beat she dances. She sings and it is great, I hope she is better then I am. It just amazes me that two years ago she was a little newborn baby and we where still in shock that she was ours to keep, and a bit tired. It is all worth it and I would not change a bit of the last two years for anything. Ok maybe Britt breaking his leg could be changed! I LOVE YOU ALEXIS!

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leslie mae said...

Awe!!! Alexis is SUCH A CUTIE!!! She is so lucky to have you and Britt for parents; you two are amazing!! Happy Birthday sweet girl!!