Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Did I ever tell you?

I was just thinking about how silly Alexis is and reminiscing about her cat wrangling day. It was an ordinary day at the end of July and I had put Alexis in her bed and said the usually "I love you and good night," closed the door and walked out. A few minutes later I heard grunting and yelling sounds coming from her room. I waited a few minutes to see if maybe she was just playing and then because it kept going I decided to investigate. I feared opening the door and finding her stuck somewhere like in her toy box or something, but that is not what I found. I found her laying on the floor with the cat trapped between her arms and her rolling around. The cat who is like 16 pounds was laying there with a very pained look on his face "get me outta here fast." I laughed because he was being so tolerable and usually does his best to keep out of her reach. He had been looking out her bedroom window behind the curtain when I put her to bed and was trapped. Now if he had been smart he would have stayed hidden, but he came out hoping to escape and found himself face to face with a toddler who loves to wrestle. He was so good to he didn't scratch her or bite her, just laid there and took all her Rodeo tricks like a champ! I asked her release the cat and he ran like lightening to his bed! She then got in her bed and went to sleep. It was the funniest thing though. Surprisingly he is a bit less jumpy at her now. He was caught in there 3 days later but I looked for him before shutting the door to avoid the wrangling cat event. Funny stuff.

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Jenn said...

Alexis just loves the kitty! Hopefully she NEVERS tries that on one of ours! HAHA