Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Warm water

Today Alexis woke up dry and Britt decided that today is the big day to really start potty training. I however will be waiting until after our camping trip this weekend to start full time. Anyways back to my husbands technique. When he lets her out of her overnight prison( her room) he steers her right into the bathroom and sits her down. He was going to read her the potty story book, but changes his mind and fills a cup with warm water. She of course being a child who would live in warm water like a mermaid, sticks her hand in. In 10 seconds she starts to go potty and stands up to see. Britt knows she isn't done so encourages her to play in the water more and she finishes up. Of course she was very excited and said "I go potty!" and then "I want candy," haha she is getting the clue that when she goes potty she gets a piece of special potty candy. I have had a hard time resisting eating this candy too by the way. I laugh because my husband does not do things the normal way but it works most of the time even if he gets funny looks from me. I will still bring the potty chair camping just in case, really hate changing diapers and keeping them around for a few days, yuck. I am so lucky however that she has not had a #2 accident yet. I know that I will not escape this training without one, but so far haven't had that. I am going to make a sticker chart for her, since she loves stickers so much. Well I need to get back to reading Breaking Dawn, thanks Kate for letting me borrow it!

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Jenn said...

Oh geeze! I can so see Britt doing that too! LOL. Way to go though!