Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Megan's words at 17 months
hot and puts her hand up like stop
tickle tickle
hiya (this is for both hi and bye)
She can also sign please and more
loves babies real or pretend, climbing, playing hide and seek, peek a boo, summer saults, playing with Alexis, markers (eating and coloring on her body and clothes), doing laundry which includes carrying clothes around putting themin and out of the machines and shutting the doors.  Absolutely loves being outside and going to get Alexis from the bus.  Talking on the phone, playing with the Wii remotes and the phones.  Helping me unload the dishwasher one spoon at a time and looking out the window.  She likes to howl like a wolf and meow like a kitty.   She is such a fun baby/toddler and lights up the room with her sweet personality!  We sure love this baby!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

To the airport we went to pick up Daddy.  Alexis was so excited she was jumping up and down as we got our shoes on.  Britt texted me while I was still on I-5 passing Kent which stressed me out just a bit because Megan was crying and I didn't think we would make it in time to park and go in.  Well as luck would have it the airport is a mad house and with his flight coming in 20 minutes early they had to wait to be docked.  traffic was so slow getting to the terminal so I decided to park.  As we walked away from the car he texted me again saying they had just docked.  So glad I parked because driving around again would have taken forever.  We went in and went to the escalator closest to United and hoped we had the right one.  While on the phone we confirmed that he was coming up to that one, he told he was coming up.  Alexis was watching so I asked her if she could see him and she said nope.  I looked and he was indeed coming up but with the beard, hat and anti-glare glasses he didn't look to familiar.  When he got closer she realized it was Daddy and hugged him tightly.  Megan was standing about 3 feet away and was really unsure.  Britt just picked her up not even giving her a chance to fuss.  he put her down on the sky bridge so she could walk across but she wouldn't so Britt offered to pick her up she looked at him turned around and backed it his arms.  She has been so cute by coming and snuggling on his lap and not wanting to be put to bed without him.  it is like he wasn't even gone.  Thank Heavens for Skype.  We have more to be grateful for then ever before!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I told Alexis I was going to sit on her with my big butt.  She wisely replied you don't have a big but it is just large, and mine is small and Megan has a cute little butt.  Funny stuff.  Britt is in the air on his way home for Thanksgiving.  I have never been more thankful for my little family then I am right now.  I never appreciated having a good job and good health more then this year.  We are blessed and I can only hope that it will continue.  In Ward Council we talked about Fast Offerings and how the windows of Heaven will be opened if we give and that the difference between tithing is that the only time in the scriptures that window is plural is when referring to Fast Offerings.   I have never been really consistent with paying Fast Offerings partly because I thought it had to be paid on Fast Sunday, which is not so.  I have committed our family to paying a generous Fast Offerings.