Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our weekend

We had a very fun Ward Christmas party last night. The kids made an ornament and visited with Santa and Mrs. Claus, aka my parents. This year Alexis was not fooled and knew right away that Grandpa was Santa. We waited around until dinner time with me taking pictures for Relief Society and the kids running around, getting in trouble for running around(repeated numerous times!) Dinner was good and there was a huge amount of people, more then planned! A Charlie Brown Christmas play put on by the youth and then cheesecake. Alexis received her first kiss that we know of from a boy. Porter, the bishops son, gave her a kiss on the check during the play. Alexis and Porter have an interesting friendship, as in they either are getting along or fighting like cats and dogs. Afterward Britt was funny and went and asked Porter if he kissed Alexis and told him to save all his kisses for his mommy right now. It was funny!
On our way home Alexis started in with her huge request...lights on our house. So I guess Britt decided to throw her off by showing her houses that had crazy light displays. There is a street in Sky Island that really goes all out if anyone is wondering. If it hadn't been so cold we would have gotten out and walked it to look at the lights. Alexis loved it, she kept saying it was so beautiful and liked the twinkling stars the most. Lucky for us she fell asleep before we got home and we were able to turn in early. Britt's truck is finally fixed and they had him work Saturday and Sunday to make up for it. Alexis has a runny nose so we stayed home from church today. I really dislike people who bring their kids to church and say it is just a runny nose and then by Wednesday all the kids in nursery have the same runny nose, that turns into a cough and fever. So she now has a week to recover and keep the other children from getting her illness.
It is snowing finally here. We are so excited, Alexis and jumped around for joy, It is coming down pretty good, but isn't really sticking. It is cooling down so if it keeps it up we might have some accumulation! Love this time of year!

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Chastina said...

I like the idea of decorating an ornament with Santa and Mrs. Claus.