Wednesday, December 30, 2009


A plus to a private blog is that I can post things that we don't really want everyone to know!

Our friends from Alaska, who we love to go to Mexico with since that is where we met, are going to be in town at the end of February. Last time they were here we went to Great Wolf Lodge and they just called to see if we wanted to go again. We seriously have been 4 times already and love it. Alexis talks about it a few times a week at least and the day they called she was asking to go... she asks to go at least once a week too. I am not as excited as usual though seeing as I will be like 24 weeks pregnant and not able to do the slides, but ohwell. I was looking online for a maternity swim suit and wow they can get expensive. Lucky for me Target sells tops for $22. We had been trying to decide what Alexis could buy with her Christmas money from Collin and Damita and now we know. We will let her spend it at the Great Wolf! She is always asking for ice cream and slushy's and bunches of other things that are way over priced so we pass on them. This time she can have what ever she wants up to $25! Lucky girl! I am excited to see Dave and Jenny and the kids though. They are such nice people and I am so glad that my dad is so friendly and spends his time in the hot tub on vacation so that we could meet them! Britt and my dad are still hoping to squeeze in an Alaskan fishing trip this summer with them. It sure makes fishing nice when you have such good friends who live there.

2 lil' notes:

Jenn said...

I loved Target's maternity swim tops! I just wore shorts with them!

leslie mae said...

OK. GWL AND Alaska sound like SO MUCH FUN!!! Hope you have a BLAST!!