Friday, December 11, 2009

This week at our house

I think I am getting quicker at posts! Here is 13 weeks. We are very excited because we have passed the early miscarriage maker. In a few days we are starting the 2nd trimester. I have been feeling so much better, very rarely get sick and when I do it is from smells. I still get tired easy, but not going to complain about taking naps and going to bed early. Britt has been off for 4 days this week because of a broken truck and the weather has been so cold we have been just chillin at home. It may not be as cold as some of the rest of you are used to, but I am sure you all have snow we have none. I have seen it as low as 9 degrees and not braking freezing until today!!! It is 35 and hopefully we are onto warmer days.

I had just gotten out of the shower, so nothing is done.

Alexis built a bird house with daddy. She loved every second of it, even hammered a nail into the floor. Sadly you can't tell where so new floors will have to wait a little while longer, hopefully before the baby comes!

She was so proud!

Another bit of news. I have always been a bit sad when my sisters have gotten pregnant and had babies together. Those cousins always seem to be closer. Erin and Kate just had baby girls this fall and so they won't be having a baby with me. 3 of my sisters are done having kids so that left 2 and Katie's son is just turning 2 so I don't know when they are growing their family again. So now that just leaves my sister, Stephanie. I thought they were kind of done though, and so did they, but Heavenly Father doesn't think so. She is a few weeks behind me at 9 weeks. Britt and I have suspected for a few weeks, but didn't say anything. Last Saturday on the way home from the parade Ben confirmed that his mommy is having a baby. It was funny because right after he told me his mommy had a baby in her tummy, I asked if he is supposed to be telling me. He paused for a few seconds and quietly said no. I laughed and told him I would keep his secret. Alexis on the other hand went right up to Stephanie and said "you have a baby in your tummy!" Steph tried playing it off but not very well. She finally called me today and told me officially! So I am excited that our baby will have a cousin that is close in age to grow up with.

Well I need to eat lunch and finish Malachi's blanket so I can mail them off before Kimmie outgrows the outfit!

2 lil' notes:

Jamie said...

How exciting for your and Stephanie to be pregnant at the same time! That will be fun. In our family Jennifer had her first 4 before any of us had any, then I had one, then Janeen, then me, then Jeanette, then Janeen, then Jennifer had a surprise from Heavenly Father. She thought she was done but was told very firmly that she wasn't and 10 months later Lilly was born. Right now I am trying to decide if I am done, Jeanette wants more and Janeen is just plain frazzled with her girls! Oh, I am so excited for you guys and your baby bump is so tiny!!

Chastina said...

How exciting! It's fun to have someone to compare pregnancy notes with.