Sunday, December 27, 2009


Christmas was so great this year! We started out with carolling on Tuesday evening with some families in our ward. We hit random people in our ward that we felt needed to hear us sing, we actually sounded pretty good too! We went to Alexis's nursery teacher's house and she was so excited, ran up and almost knocked her over giving her a huge hug and told her "Merry Christmas." I think if it had just been Alexis and I singing Sister Burnside would have been just as happy. Sad that today is her last day in nursery. I am home sick but Alexis went with my parents, I am kind of glad because I am already teary eyed at her growing up and being a Sunbeam. Anyways back to the 22nd, we then went to the Huntington's home and had goodies. It is a fun tradition and Alexis loved it. Next year will be different with a small baby so one of us may have to take turns staying in the car.

December 24th, Alexis is bubbling with excitement. She can't wait to hand out presents. Britt had to work so we went to the Bergman Annual Christmas Eve Chaos Event...I just nicknamed it that. We love it and as we add more kids and they get older, it just gets more crazy! We met at the church and had dinner, it was nice to set up enough seating for all of us at one table. The kids ran around the gym and played so well together. We gathered around the tree and Grandma Shirley read us a story, while the children tried to listen. Then we talked about the birth of our Savior, I think the kids are starting to remember it now. We gave the kids their gifts and made them all wait to do it was fun to see 11 kids tear into bags and paper. We exchanged adult gifts from each other and then did his mom's gift exchange. Every year she gathers together gifts, wraps them up and we play a game to get one. You never know what is inside and it doesn't matter it is just fun! Alexis fell asleep in the car on the way home and Britt was home shortly after. We put all her gifts out and went to bed.

December 25th, 5:45am Alexis came in our room and I take her back to bed. She asks me to lay with her because she is scared. I crawl into her twin bed and we snuggle for about 30 minutes. I then went back to bed and she followed me shortly. At 6:30 she gets up and goes to the bathroom and Britt goes to help her. I hear her talking about presents and know that time is up. Britt is so funny he asked her if she heard the reindeer on the roof and Santa coming in our house to give her presents. She hadn't heard anything at all and sure enough she went right out to the living room and starts jumping around and squealing. We turn on lights and take some pictures and she is begging to open presents by now. We make her find her name on every present, which all but a few are for her. I guess buying gifts through out the year makes for a big Christmas because I didn't realize I had that many! Luckily it takes her 45 minutes to open them all...that could partly be to some of the wrapping paper not riping. Even Britt had to slice through the tape for her. Next year maybe I will wrap them all with it!!!! Every present was her favorite, it was really funny. My parents and brother come over for a Christmas breakfast and she had to give them their presents right when they walked in the door. We played some Wii and got ready for the day and headed up to my parents for more gifts and dinner. I got a food processor, which I am really excited about. Alexis was spoiled rotten and loves everything she got! We had prime rib, twice baked potatoes, pretzel jello salad, green salad, rolls, veggie tray and sparkling cider and it was all yummy. Alexis begged to go home so she could use her new bath crayons and soaps, but fell asleep in the 3 minutes it takes to get home, I guess getting up so early has it's down falls! A present for me that was unexpected is that I can now feel the baby, I think I feel it moving but my tummy is hard where the baby is. It is exciting and today was that first day I could feel it.

December 26th, Alexis wakes up at 4:45 and goes out to the tree and looks for more gifts. Sadly she finds none and eventually falls back to sleep. We took her to go see the new Chipmunks movie, which she loved. She sat on the edge of her seat, laughing, clapping and being super cute. I was surprised she sat through the whole thing and didn't come over to sit on my lap until about 5 minutes before it ended.

Today she woke up early but it was just for a tissue and she went back to her room, came back a few minutes later because her face was sticky. I wiped it off and she went back to sleep on her own! I wonder if she kissed her giant life size doll that she put lip gloss on and that is where the sticky came from. I decided that church was out for me today. My sinus's are angry and so going to church sneezing, wiping, blowing and with this pressure didn't seem like a good idea. I will add photos later, right now I am going to sleep.

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Chastina said...

What a great Christmas! It looks like Alexis had a great Christmas.