Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Eat your dinner

For the past few weeks we have been in a battle with Alexis over eating meals. She loves her snacks and treats. Even though I claim that chips are half good for you because they are made from a vegetable does not mean they substitute real good food. We put her on a diet. No more chips, crackers, cookies, candy, fruit snacks, I don't even buy them. It was a huge sacrifice for me since I love snacks. I was tired of her eating snacks all day then being too full for dinner. When it was time for bed she would cry "I'm hungry and my tummy hurts." I couldn't let her go to bed hungry so I would give her a piece of bread and some water...I laughed every time thinking goodness child you are happy to eat prison rations. But the 2 week stand off is finally over and she is eating her meals. I am not caving into the tantrums, the I'm too tireds, I'm ok's anymore. The few snacks we have are kept very carefully guarded and on high shelves and I am happy to say we succeeded. (maybe now she won't be so "tired" all the time!) I would be kidding though if I said she eats her meals without any complaints or reminders. I have to ask her through the whole meal to just keep eating and if you want a treat you will eat what I feel is enough, but she does eat it.

I have been having my own food aversions lately, mostly hamburger. I don't like the smell or taste of it. Maybe that will change when the baby comes, who knows. I don't really miss it though, it is harder if we go to fast food. I have been loving the mandarin oranges right now! Alexis and I eat 1 each a day and I am crediting that to our extreme good fortune of being healthy. Britt has a cold and has not been eating them so that is my scientific proof!

We have also been dealing with a very sassy girl. She keeps getting threatened with no presents for Christmas because only sweet girls get presents. It chills her out for a short time and then she is back to telling us to "stop it," or "Don't talk to me," and many others that get her in trouble. I need to find a better punishment since telling her to go to her room results in a slammed door and her yelling at me more. If I put her in time she yells at me more or runs away from me. If I ignore her then she just keeps right on being sassy. So I guess I will just keep trying new things and hope one of them has an effect because the naughty chair doesn't phase her. I tried to find a picture of her looking sassy but apparently she is a good actress in front of the camera because I didn't find any. I substituted this crying picture, because it was for no reason on our way to the ward Christmas party.

2 lil' notes:

Jenn said...

I wish Ashlee would just give in and eat more stuff! lol

Jamie said...

Wow! You could change this post from Alexis to Trevor and it would still fit! From the snacking and being too full for meals to the sassiness I am totally feeling what you are going through!

The hamburger aversion will pass after the pregnancy ends. I couldn't handle raw meat of any kind and the thought of chinese food (which I normally love) would send me running to the bathroom. I too liked acidic citrus fruits when pregnant.

Hope everything else is well. Merry Christmas!