Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Walking! So Megan has been walking, or taking steps while falling for a few weeks, she cruises around the furniture and even walks up and down the hall using the wall but today she would stand up to the couch turn her body and take 3 or 4 steps away before falling, without help. I don't consider her a walker, but she is getting so close it is crazy! I actually can't wait for her to walk I really dislike the crawling stage because their hands are on the floor...eeeeeeeewwwwwwwww! It is very cute though. So I think before she is 1 we will have a walker. She is pretty silly when daddy comes home. Big smiles and laughs, hugs and then she wants to play. She has this weird fear with Grandpa though. I left her with him a while back and she cried the whole time after he took her jacket off and now if he even touches her hand she will force a cry. I am trying really hard not to just pick her up and soothe her. I will sit by her and give her a hug and tell her it is ok but she is going to have to get used to Grandpa being around. I won't however leave her with him alone so that it doesn't make the situation worse. It is really sad though. Megan and Alexis are starting to play together it is really great, although noisier. Sunday night they were playing and Megan fell and put her tooth into her gums again, this time it was right behind her other tooth. After a blessing we felt a lot better and not so worried about her tooth falling out. We don't even think it will discolor. Kids, they make us worry so much!

Last night for Family home evening we told Alexis her birth story. She embraced that we had prayed for a baby to come and that Heavenly Father needed another mommy to grow her for us. When we told her this she said you prayed for me, Alexis Bergman, Yes my sweet girl we wanted you more then anything else! We told her that she slept in her room before she was born. We told her how she didn't hardly cry after she was born and was placed right in my arms and I was able to cut her cord, she then inspected her belly button. I never wanted to let anyone else hold you, but I shared because everyone was so excited to meet you! We told her about going to court and the judge asking us questions and us promising to love her and take care of her. Next we talked to her about the temple and how she got to go inside and upstairs where kids go only when they are given special permission so that they can be sealed to their mom and dad and that Megan won't get to go up there until she is an adult. It was such a spiritual Family Home Evening and she loves having a special story that is just for her. I am sure she will have more questions as time goes on, but for right now she is happy. We also told her that she is our first born daughter and that she had to come to us this special way and that because she came we can now have other kids come to our family and that she has a special job of being the big sister! We are not however telling her anything about the biological parenthood, it is to close and would honestly be detrimental to her right now. One day we will feel the time is right and we will tell her. I just would like to thank everyone who knows and hasn't told Alexis until we felt it was right. I also truly appreciate my friend who was adopted and shared her story with me and helped me understand why it is important to make this a part of who Alexis is instead of dropping this on her when she is older. I love Alexis with all my heart and am so blessed to be her mother.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

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It was only about 67 and the puget sound was not warm, never is. It makes me cold thinking about them playing in it.
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Ferry ride

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Happy 35 Britt!

Shark teeth
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spring break hike

Mallori and Alexis

Cambree and Megan

Making cookies
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Megan starting waving today. It is truly the cutest! I wonder how I can upload it here from my phone??? I will work on that because everyone will love it! Not sure why the photos in the last 2 posts aren't working so well, oh well. I will fix them later.

Monday, May 16, 2011

too tired to try and turn them!
This morning Megan pointed with her cute little chubby finger at me and said momma and to prove it wasn't a fluke she then pointed to daddy and said dada. Applause followed and she was very pleased with her self. She also likes to play the piano on daddy's phone using her one finger. It is very cute. She now has 5 teeth. The 5th one came in on Friday. There is a 6th one on the way, I can see it on top right next to her new one. That will make 4 on top and 2 on bottom. She is trying to climb on things now. We have been using a pack and play that is in it's bag to block her out of the bathroom and she climbed on top of it yesterday, but then didn't know what to do next so she cried. She is such a mess maker. We will clean up the baby books and she will crawl over and pull them out. Megan did the same with her pants last night, i put them away and she pulled the right back out. Such a contrast to Alexis who is a bit OCD on things being a certain way. Alexis loves to sing the songs for this years Primary program. She even hums along to the music only versions of the songs.

We had the Horn cousins here for a few days and had a fun day on a ferry and playing in the water...it really wasn't warm enough but they splashed for a good 30 minutes. We took family pictures of the whole crew with only 1 Brother in Law missing. I am so excited to see them! Our nephew Malachi was baptized(he is the first on Britt's side!) It was fun having them!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Today I celebrate my 5th mother's day. I have 2 of the cutest and best girls in the whole wide world! I have a Mother's Day off kit from my family with treats and chocolate, bath salts and plenty of hugs and kisses. I really feel loved and blessed to have such a great family that I get to be a part of. Right now they are making me breakfast and it is so cute to hear them whisper and see my Alexis cutting bananas and washing Strawberries, Megan crawling at their feet, I can hear her breathing as she tries to pick up everything on the floor...LOVE my life!

I have a great mom who is always there for me, to babysit, to chat with and to cry with. I have a wonderful mother in law. Honestly as a Young Women just out of high school thinking of my future the one thing I knew I wanted was a great Mother in law. I know I got the best one with the best husband. I am so grateful to have such great moms and know that I am blessed to be taught and led by them. I love you both so very much.

I have 6 sisters; one that I have known all her life and the other's came into my life the day I meet my husband. I love you sisters! They are great Mother's!

I have been raised in the church and have had so many women who have taught me and helped me become who I am today and I am grateful to them for being my Mother's in Zion! I wish I had a picture to go with this post of my moms but I don't have any on this new computer...in 1 week we are getting new family pictures with Britt's entire family and I will post them!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Megan now has 4 teeth. She has the 2 bottom middle and then the top right middle and the one next to it. It is pretty funny because her top one looks huge in her mouth. She is pretty silly and will just laugh at Alexis, who thinks that Megan is laughing because she is making gas sounds or saying fart. Tonight she was sitting on the couch looking up at daddy just laughing, cute!
Alexis made me a very cute little bird house for mother's day and she is the bird, it makes me smile just thinking about how excited she was while making it. She is feeling so big because we will let her walk across the street to Ashlee's to play all by herself. So now she asks all day long if she can go over there. Megan is trying so hard to walk. She is getting brave and letting go of stuff. She took 3 steps from daddy to mommy today, but I consider it more falling with style. We finally are getting some nice weather, which means hitting the park for some great playing...sadly this also ended with Megan having very burnt arms. Luckily I had a hat on her so just her arms are burned, but they are lobster red and have a few very tiny blisters...breaks my heart. We now know that she will burn easy and will not go in the sun without her being covered or having sun block on. We are gearing up for a visit from Aunt Erin and Uncle Lim and their 4 kids next week! Alexis loves her cousins and is willingly giving up her bed for them. Malachi is getting baptized and we are going to just play hard especially since they will be moving to North Carolina in July. Fun times ahead with 2 nephews baptisms, cousins visiting and Great Wolf Lodge. Alexis was promised if she did good in school with following the rules that we would take her. School ends at the end of this month so we will be taking her, unless she totally melts down these last 3 weeks. Soccer started for Alexis last week, she loves it. Stayed tuned for pictures of it all!