Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Walking! So Megan has been walking, or taking steps while falling for a few weeks, she cruises around the furniture and even walks up and down the hall using the wall but today she would stand up to the couch turn her body and take 3 or 4 steps away before falling, without help. I don't consider her a walker, but she is getting so close it is crazy! I actually can't wait for her to walk I really dislike the crawling stage because their hands are on the floor...eeeeeeeewwwwwwwww! It is very cute though. So I think before she is 1 we will have a walker. She is pretty silly when daddy comes home. Big smiles and laughs, hugs and then she wants to play. She has this weird fear with Grandpa though. I left her with him a while back and she cried the whole time after he took her jacket off and now if he even touches her hand she will force a cry. I am trying really hard not to just pick her up and soothe her. I will sit by her and give her a hug and tell her it is ok but she is going to have to get used to Grandpa being around. I won't however leave her with him alone so that it doesn't make the situation worse. It is really sad though. Megan and Alexis are starting to play together it is really great, although noisier. Sunday night they were playing and Megan fell and put her tooth into her gums again, this time it was right behind her other tooth. After a blessing we felt a lot better and not so worried about her tooth falling out. We don't even think it will discolor. Kids, they make us worry so much!

Last night for Family home evening we told Alexis her birth story. She embraced that we had prayed for a baby to come and that Heavenly Father needed another mommy to grow her for us. When we told her this she said you prayed for me, Alexis Bergman, Yes my sweet girl we wanted you more then anything else! We told her that she slept in her room before she was born. We told her how she didn't hardly cry after she was born and was placed right in my arms and I was able to cut her cord, she then inspected her belly button. I never wanted to let anyone else hold you, but I shared because everyone was so excited to meet you! We told her about going to court and the judge asking us questions and us promising to love her and take care of her. Next we talked to her about the temple and how she got to go inside and upstairs where kids go only when they are given special permission so that they can be sealed to their mom and dad and that Megan won't get to go up there until she is an adult. It was such a spiritual Family Home Evening and she loves having a special story that is just for her. I am sure she will have more questions as time goes on, but for right now she is happy. We also told her that she is our first born daughter and that she had to come to us this special way and that because she came we can now have other kids come to our family and that she has a special job of being the big sister! We are not however telling her anything about the biological parenthood, it is to close and would honestly be detrimental to her right now. One day we will feel the time is right and we will tell her. I just would like to thank everyone who knows and hasn't told Alexis until we felt it was right. I also truly appreciate my friend who was adopted and shared her story with me and helped me understand why it is important to make this a part of who Alexis is instead of dropping this on her when she is older. I love Alexis with all my heart and am so blessed to be her mother.

2 lil' notes:

Chastina said...

What a great way to explain to Alexis how she became part of your family!

Jamie Newman said...

Love the story about FHE and Alexis telling the story of how she was born but how did she sleep in her room before she was born?