Thursday, May 5, 2011

Megan now has 4 teeth. She has the 2 bottom middle and then the top right middle and the one next to it. It is pretty funny because her top one looks huge in her mouth. She is pretty silly and will just laugh at Alexis, who thinks that Megan is laughing because she is making gas sounds or saying fart. Tonight she was sitting on the couch looking up at daddy just laughing, cute!
Alexis made me a very cute little bird house for mother's day and she is the bird, it makes me smile just thinking about how excited she was while making it. She is feeling so big because we will let her walk across the street to Ashlee's to play all by herself. So now she asks all day long if she can go over there. Megan is trying so hard to walk. She is getting brave and letting go of stuff. She took 3 steps from daddy to mommy today, but I consider it more falling with style. We finally are getting some nice weather, which means hitting the park for some great playing...sadly this also ended with Megan having very burnt arms. Luckily I had a hat on her so just her arms are burned, but they are lobster red and have a few very tiny blisters...breaks my heart. We now know that she will burn easy and will not go in the sun without her being covered or having sun block on. We are gearing up for a visit from Aunt Erin and Uncle Lim and their 4 kids next week! Alexis loves her cousins and is willingly giving up her bed for them. Malachi is getting baptized and we are going to just play hard especially since they will be moving to North Carolina in July. Fun times ahead with 2 nephews baptisms, cousins visiting and Great Wolf Lodge. Alexis was promised if she did good in school with following the rules that we would take her. School ends at the end of this month so we will be taking her, unless she totally melts down these last 3 weeks. Soccer started for Alexis last week, she loves it. Stayed tuned for pictures of it all!

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Chastina said...

I can't believe it's the end of another school year already. It seems like just last year we were at college playing and having fun.