Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Still haven't downloaded pictures, but I am charging camera batteries so they are ready for go time. I have had a few days of comfort problems. Sleeping was terrible last night I had off and on cramping most of the night but especially between 4 and 6am. I have been have cramping during the day just not as bad. I know the end is near I just wish I knew when. I am so anxious to meet Megan and get started on the next phase. I am trying to enjoy these last days though. 19 days until D date. Going to start packing my bag!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What a night...

Today was a day of many firsts for me. First of all I have been really fortunate to be getting a full nights sleep, until last night. Alexis fell asleep at 7 in the car so I put her right in bed and {1}watched a whole movie without inturputions, oh the joy. So I went to bed at 10 and was {2}awoken to a very active baby, as in, in my ribs and really pushing them out. Ouch is all I can say about that, I was able to turn over and she moved allowing me to go back to sleep. Not sure what time that was at, but Alexis came in at 4am. Goodness why can't she sleep for 12 hours, lol. So I tried really hard to lay in bed and get her to go back to sleep. I hear her tiny whisper...I know who knew she could whisper... Mom I didn't eat my cake at the park and my tummy hurts. She also tells me that she didn't eat her cereal either. I am trying hard not to laugh since she did eat her lunch and dinner. So I figure I better get her something to eat because she is just going to keep bugging. A piece of bread later and I am in bed with her snuggled up drifting off to sleep. {3}She however didn't sleep and loaded my bed up with her stuffed animals. {4}I awoke to a very crazy pain near and in my hip. I couldn't get Megan to move off whatever she was pinching either. I tried for 20 minutes to move her in all kinds of funky ways and finally she did. So I got up and {5}made waffles and we went to {6}church on time, actually we were a few minutes early. All first for me. lol! We used to be on time for church when we were newly weds, now with it at 9 we really struggle, or I should say Britt does. Sorry there haven't been new pictures lately our computer died and we are borrowing my parents extra laptop. It isn't really able to store them so I have a ton on my camera. I am going to try and fix that this week though! I numbered all the first just for fun!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last peek!

We had our final ultra sound today. Kind of sad and happy. This is the last time we get to see our little Megan until she is born. It also means she will be here soon. Not this weekend or the next though. Britt is on his way to Idaho Falls and maybe Salt Lake, 4 day trip. Funny thing is his dispatcher asked him if he wanted a Sacramento load after that. Britt had to remind him that I was almost full term and could have the baby anytime. Obviously he is single, lol. Memorial Day weekend we are going to a lake near Leavenworth. I am so excited! Alexis can't wait to go fishing with Daddy and has requested a new pole. So it looks like Megan will have to wait until June to make her grand appearance!

Ok so the ultrasound showed her growth is right on for being 36 weeks and 4 days. How they know that I will never know since babies are not all the same size. She is now in the 49% for gestational age, which is awesome since a month ago it was 30%. She is just over 6 pounds. So it looks like I lost the weight guessing. She is laying head down but on her side. So her back is to my left side and her feet are stretching out to my right. We were able to get a look at her face, but boy is she squished! Dr Maslow is so awesome though, he asked us to bring him a picture of Megan when she is born. He did worn us that with the marginal cord insertion there is a chance, a small one, that she could have some trouble during labor. So if it comes down to it he, or their on call doctor, would deliver at St. Joseph's in Tacoma. We really feel blessed with the way everything has turned out. Alexis asked Dr. Maslow if he was going to take the baby out now. He is so good with children and just the nicest doctor. He comes and personally gets us from the waiting room and then helps me with my sweater, just really nice. I have started to feel some more pressure so I think she is moving down. I hope since my heart burn has been horrid and I can barely eat before feeling full. I don't have issues with breathing though so that is good. I have aching in my belly and it itches so much right now. I am still hoping for my belly button to pop....I don't know why but I really want it too! When she moves now it is sometimes painful, I don't mind too much. Megan responds to Alexis and Britt talking and will move a whole bunch. Alexis loves it and laughs when she moves for her! So the impatient waiting game begins. We are all ready for her. We have diapers, wipes, newborn clothes all washed and ready to be worn. I have bought the special wipes for breastfeed babies, creams for me, shampoos, got my free sample for breastfeeding care. Britt needs to raise the crib up and I have a few things to put on the walls since painting is just not going to get done. Need to put the car seat in the car, I just feel a bit scattered right now so I would probably always feel like I was always forgetting something. I need to pack my bag and finish Megan's. I also need to pack one for Alexis, she gets to go to Grandpa Martin's. Not going to worry about Britt he is a last minute packer anyways. I have 5 dinners in the freezer and one more planned for this weekend. It is nice to have a small enough family that I can make a casserole and split it in 2, one for dinner and one for the freezer. Ok well I have rambled on long enough...time for Carmel popcorn!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

This morning Alexis woke up at 6am. She was hungry so I got her cereal and put a movie on, went back to bed and hoped to get a bit more sleep. Well she also wanted a blue slushy, not happening at that time so i told her to wait until later. She started crying and crying. Britt finally got up and told her to stop in a not nice voice. She came in a few minutes later and I asked her why she was crying. She said because daddy yelled at me. I asked her if she was hurt and she said "Yes daddy hurt my love." It was so sad and sweet. She did crawl in bed with me at that point and fell back to sleep for 3 more hours.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Talk about post crazy today
I just can't forgot some on the cute things Alexis has said this week.

Most of her really funny statements happen in the car.
As we were driving to Winco last week Alexis asked me if it was going to hurt when Megan is born.
I replied yes but it supposed to hurt and it will be ok. She told me she would give me a band aid so that it won't hurt. Then she told me how Megan is going to be all bloody when she comes out, but we won't eat her. I said no we won't and she said yea we don't eat people. Lol.

Then as we were leaving the library yesterday she had put the dvd's in a bag and asked me to zip it up. I told her they were to big for the bag. She tried zipping it herself and then told me
"Mom your actually right all the time!"

She is just to smart and funny!

Job security

Another work thing just happened that is great news! So at the first year Selland lost the Ford account, which was a huge blow and we where stressing. That is part of the reason he was going to California every other week. Everyone held out hope that the company who got the contract would fail to haul the freight well and it would come back o Selland. If fact Selland even has been asked by Ford to help CJM catch up. Selland finally said no more either give us the contract back or make CJM do it. So with that we felt more stress about job security. Britt just called me with some most excellent news. No they didn't get Ford back but they did get the contract for GM. I have been told this is as big if not bigger then Ford. We are relieved to say the least. Especially with a new baby coming.


Britt just got a new truck at work. This is really great news for him. Basically this a promotion for him since they go buy seniority. Way to go honey we are so proud of you! You are such a hard worker and we love you!

***We also sold the semi truck from when my dad and Britt owned their business.*** Guess not, that job security thing made the guy back out...we were so close.

Monday, May 10, 2010

What will she weigh.

Yesterday after we put Alexis to bed we watch Megan move around for a while and decided to guess her weight and height. Now to be fair we will have a little clue into her stats on the 20th. Of course it will only be a clue since it is an ultrasound and won't be exact and she will still have 3 weeks more to go. So vote for which of us you think is closer. You can also leave your guess as a comment on this post too!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

What a special day for me. I remember all those years of just being absolutely heartbroken because our dreams had not come true. I wasn't a mother and no matter what people said about being there to help raise other peoples kids through church and friends it was not the same. Then Alexis came along. I was probably on cloud 9 that first year with my happy smiling 8 month old. She was just learning to walk and would give us the sweetest giggles. I have felt such immense joy for the last 3 mother's days. This year I have added to that joy as I feel my sweet baby move around and elbow and knee me. I have 36 days until my due date and really couldn't be more excited. Alexis made me a card in primary today that is just too cute. I says I love you because... she plays with me and wrestle's my daddy. She jumps with me. And she takes me to church. It is covered in foam stickers and is just what I wanted. I could barely see her beautiful face as she sang with the primary kids because I was so teary eyed. She knew almost all of the words and smiled so brightly during the whole thing. It was wonderful! I so look forward to father's day and hope that I will have already had Megan so that I will be able to be there with both my girls and my sweet hubby(I will probably just hit sacrament with a teeny tiny newborn if I even get to go.) I love my family and am typing this while I wait for dinner prepared by these 2 amazing gifts from my Father in Heaven. We had my mom over for stuffed french toast after church and then sat out in the yard in the sun and visited, it was so relaxing and perfect.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baby shower

Saturday April 24th Jenn threw me a great baby shower. I am so lucky to have great friends and family. I will get pictures from Jenn and post them. We were spoiled with cute clothes and got lots of diapers, sadly I am super excited about that part. We haven't bought diapers or pull ups in a year and kind of worried about the expense. Thank you everyone who came and helped us celebrate Megan's birthday(that is what Alexis calls baby showers).

33 week highlights

Two really fun things about week 33. Alexis has finally held still long enough to see Megan moving around and what a show she put on. Now Alexis asks Megan "Are you going to move for me?"

We have the stethoscope and have been listening to Megan's little heart beat. Nancy told us that we probably don't need that as she is big enough to hear just by putting an ear to my tummy and sure enough Britt can hear it. I can't though since I am not the flexible...and don't want to be. So I still use the stethoscope.

Alexis has been acting like a baby a lot lately. Crying and even getting in the saucer and making baby sounds. I just tell her she is silly and try not to make too big of a deal out of it. Today during the sacrament she started making her baby sounds, loudly I might add. I asked her to stop and asked her to be quieter. No response, when I covered her mouth she got louder. I haven't had to remove her from the sacrament in ages. I hope things don't get worse. She is cracking us up left and right though and being super helpful. Although sometimes I wish she wouldn't help. Yesterday we were going to a birthday party and made a salad. I put the lid on and gave it a shake to mix the sauce with the noodles. She must have thought it looked fun and tired to do the same did not have the same results. I must say this was the first time I broke down and just cried over something that didn't really matter. I mean I sobbed, it rattled Alexis and she ran to her room and cried. Then we both cleaned the salad up off the floor. I know I will probably have more episodes like this, but wow it has really thrown me. I guess crying is way better then taking it out on Alexis and having a bad mommy moment, which I do have at times.