Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Talk about post crazy today
I just can't forgot some on the cute things Alexis has said this week.

Most of her really funny statements happen in the car.
As we were driving to Winco last week Alexis asked me if it was going to hurt when Megan is born.
I replied yes but it supposed to hurt and it will be ok. She told me she would give me a band aid so that it won't hurt. Then she told me how Megan is going to be all bloody when she comes out, but we won't eat her. I said no we won't and she said yea we don't eat people. Lol.

Then as we were leaving the library yesterday she had put the dvd's in a bag and asked me to zip it up. I told her they were to big for the bag. She tried zipping it herself and then told me
"Mom your actually right all the time!"

She is just to smart and funny!

1 lil' notes:

Chastina said...

I love how kids think a bandaid will fix any hurt!

I love that she thinks you're right all the time. I wish my kids thought that I was right all the time. :P