Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

What a special day for me. I remember all those years of just being absolutely heartbroken because our dreams had not come true. I wasn't a mother and no matter what people said about being there to help raise other peoples kids through church and friends it was not the same. Then Alexis came along. I was probably on cloud 9 that first year with my happy smiling 8 month old. She was just learning to walk and would give us the sweetest giggles. I have felt such immense joy for the last 3 mother's days. This year I have added to that joy as I feel my sweet baby move around and elbow and knee me. I have 36 days until my due date and really couldn't be more excited. Alexis made me a card in primary today that is just too cute. I says I love you because... she plays with me and wrestle's my daddy. She jumps with me. And she takes me to church. It is covered in foam stickers and is just what I wanted. I could barely see her beautiful face as she sang with the primary kids because I was so teary eyed. She knew almost all of the words and smiled so brightly during the whole thing. It was wonderful! I so look forward to father's day and hope that I will have already had Megan so that I will be able to be there with both my girls and my sweet hubby(I will probably just hit sacrament with a teeny tiny newborn if I even get to go.) I love my family and am typing this while I wait for dinner prepared by these 2 amazing gifts from my Father in Heaven. We had my mom over for stuffed french toast after church and then sat out in the yard in the sun and visited, it was so relaxing and perfect.

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Chastina said...

What a great day! I love the feeling that the kids bring to a sacrament meeting when they sing.