Friday, March 28, 2008


I would love to get a collection of everybodies favorite recipes going. I think that we should make a blog that we can add them to. Let me know what you think and Britt isn't so sure that it is necessary for us to make our blog private. He says that no one is going to find out where we live just by a picture of our house. So that is on hold until I can convince him otherwise.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just a Snowy day in March

It was still snowing this morning when we woke up! It is very pretty and makes Mexico even more alluring. Alexis went to sleep last night before 7:30. She didn't take a nap because of waking up so early, she slept until 7:30 this morning so we are all rested well. I can't wait for our vacation to start. I think I have the girl all packed and I am mostly packed just have to add my cosmetics. I am so glad that I bought new shirts so that I could pack in advance. I need just one more shirt and then I am ready to go. Well I better clean my house it is started to look like it snowed toys and dishes in here.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Alexis slept from 9:30 last night until 9:40 this morning. We went to our friends son's 3rd birthday and she played so hard with the birthday boy. I was able to do the dishes without her help!! I am getting so excited for our vacation; got the suitcases out last night and started getting the summer clothes out.

Wow it is crazy here woke up to snow and now it is snowing again. I just want to know where is the lamb. March is supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb. Good thing I know better then to plant my garden until mid April or 1st of May. Alexis is crabby though because she wasn't tired enough to nap until about 4:30...way to late. So she is going to go to bed early instead. It has been snowing now for maybe 30 minutes and well it is starting to stick, we may have a winter wonderland tomorrow for spring. gotta go Alexis is wearing Top Roman so she needs to get hosed down.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Little baby

I know this is from when she was blessed but it is so cute!

Monday, March 24, 2008


Ok I am going to make my blog private. I have just been getting really nervous about someone finding out where I live and well imaginations have a way of getting wild! So please don't stop coming just email me and I will invite you. I will try to send out an email too. So I am going to make it private on March 30. If I don't have your email then call me or leave me a comment so I can contact you.

Our new piano

I almost forgot to post pictures of our new piano! To my delight Britt is playing. He has got my old books out and is learning to play!

Happy Easter

We had a busy Saturday that started with us heading to the Supermall for the Bunny Brunch. They had breakfast sandwiches, muffins and juice and then played games with the kids. Alexis was dancing and playing the games right along with the big kids it was so cute. Then we got pictures with the Easter Bunny and went to the egg hunt at Lake Tapps. Alexis was an egg hunting pro. She thought it was really fun to find them. She also one a prize, they tape a number to the inside of an egg and then you go claim the prize with the matching number. After that we came back to our house and colored eggs and then had an egg hunt here that Grandma put together. It was fun. After Steph's family left we went geocaching. We did night ones, Alexis loved it. There was 14 of us, Britt and I are the greenies in the group with only 14 caches under our belt. We didn't get home from that until after midnight. It was such a beautiful day and night. Sunday we woke up to a major rain storm. We went to the Fox's and had a good breakfast and then on to church. Afterwards we went to Britt's family Easter Dinner. The kids had so much fun, we had to do our egg hunt indoors though. Britt went in the hot tub with the three kids at my parents house and then we came home. Alexis had a very hard time sleeping(too much candy and excitement). Britt was so cute with her though he told her the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Brought tears to my eyes as i listened in through the monitor. She was clingy to daddy though and eventually fell asleep in his arms. Things like this make me so happy and appreciate having a husband that is a great big softy when it comes to his girl. So that is our weekend in a very big nutshell! I hope you all enjoyed your Easter.

I am grateful for the atonement and for my Savior suffering and dying for me so that I may return to live with my Heavenly Father and by his saving grace be spotless. I am blessed with the gospel and a good family. I know that my family is sealed together forever and I am grateful to have the priesthood in my life.

Eating Out

We have been going out to eat a lot lately and our baby girl has really started to enjoy it. It is the only time she is allowed to dip her fingers in Ranch and lick them. Twice now when we have been eating out she has eaten Ranch with an occasional bite of fry, ohwell. Our friends from Alaska stopped here for a few days to visit family and called us upto have dinner. So we went to Olympia to a place called Tugboat Annies. It was good food, slow service though. Nice to catch up with them since we haven't seen them since August, but how often would you see friends who live so far away. Britt is really wanting to go fishing this summer up there. We will have to see if we can swing though, if I go to Alaska again I want to go on a cruise and then go visit with our friends. My birthday pictures are included with the slide show! Alexis was holding the camera at the end and i was pushing the button for her.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Sorry to say but I will now being approving all comments on here because I had a weird comment on one of my posts. I am seriously considering making my blog private so that may be next.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Last night we went to Mazatlan to celebrate my 30th birthday. We had our family there and some friends. It was crazy how many people we had (Mazatlan was really nervous about the size of our party) our serve did excellent and only made one mistake on all of our orders. It was fun. Thank you everyone who came and who would have but couldn't! I also got to hold cute little Cory. It really makes me want another one, minus the night wakings. So on to the next 30 years as Britt prayed on Thursday. He also included in his prayer that I would be healthy and be able to keep doing the things I enjoy! I wasn't nervous about being 30 until his prayer made it sound like I was going to go down hill really fast.

He also bought me a huge present. Now this present has been a long time in the coming. I have needed it for a year and a half. My mom said I could buy one of hers from her, but my husband wanted a really nice one that would last our whole life. He got me a piano. I am so excited; it is supposed to be delivered this weekend. I am afraid this will cut into my reading time though. The only conflict is I really want it out her in my living room but there really isn't room and I am afraid of toys on it. So it will go in the office and then I can close the door. It is beautiful though, polished ebony, I will feel like a concert pianist9minus the talent)! Here is a picture off the website

So yippee, it has a soft fall keyboard cover and sounds amazing even with me playing.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Duct Tape

Alexis really loves her doll stroller but she keeps riping the seat. I have fixed it twice and so this time when it riped I fixed it with duct tape instead of sewing. I know that it is the cheater thing to do but she is probably going to ripe it again so that is her fix. it is actually working better then sewing! So Red would be proud of me!


Hey Family Members that I Love! Please visit my Family tree and add yourself and any info you may have. I have been working on getting as much in there as I can because it is so cool to see how big our tree is. I can't however look up any info on for living. So if you are alive and want be included please help. My brain is kind of getting fried trying to think of your birth dates and wedding dates. I have some of our lines back pretty far and others that well just stop, I know some of that is because of fires and floods and other such but if you have the info don't hold back it is important to make sure the temple work is done. My family tree is located to the right and all you need to do is click on Family tree and find where you are or where you should be and add the info! If you have pictures then add them too, I haven't had time to go through pictures yet to add! Thank you so much and together we can get it done!

Friday, March 7, 2008

She speaks

Alexis has said many words for us and usually laughs when we try to get her to say them again, but today she started saying Alma. I don't know why because I haven't said his name since they left. It is cute. She also played peek-a-boo with me. She was sitting behind me on the couch and peeked her head around mine and said Boo. She did this about 5 times. Alexis knows where her eyes, nose, chin, mouth, hair, head, hands, toes, feet and belly-button are. She desperately tries to dress herself even if it is a shirt put on as pants and then screams because she can't get them on. I think she is growing because she has been sleeping in to 8:30 and eating more food then usual. I just hope that she can wear the new summer clothes I just bought for the whole summer!

Crime Spree

Yesterday Jenn and I went shopping with the baby girls and Ben. It was fun except for Alexis decided to go on a crime spree. Attempted Assault, Shop lifting, Escaping police custody. So I guess you are wondering how a 18 month could accomplish all of this in such a short trip? Well she is Alexis and if any child can do it Alexis can do it better.

The first criminal act: Attempted Assault. At the Supermall they have the playground and Alexis has decided that everything in there is hers and she must defend it from those who are trying to take it from her. I have got it down to a science though, she is never more then 2 feet from me and if there is a child with in 5 feet or less I make her say hi to them and that seems to work for the most part. Every once in a while she will still try and grab and squeeze them, which is why I hoover. So she didn't actually hurt a child, but she did try.

The second offense she is charged with: Shoplifting. When we were leaving JoAnn fabrics she picked up a Sudoku book and just walked out the door. We of course stopped her and instructed her on how stealing isn't good especially for a book that only cost $1 and mommy doesn't even do Sudoku.

The 3rd charge and the most serious: Escaping police custody. After she got caught shoplifting we were walking to the car and she was holding my finger and being so distraught over the whole stealing thing she let go and ran for it. The scary part is she ran down the side of the car and was going towards passing cars. I think I almost had a heart attack as a leaped to her and grabbed her just feet from a passing car. Alexis feet will not touch the parking lot for the next 5 years. I am going to carry her in so she won't run in front of a car again.

I hope I will be able to teach her to fear the road, because right now she thinks it is a safe area and that is not good. This girl is going to cause me grey hair and it will come early because I am almost 30. In less then a week I will step into the good years, the years of school performances, ballet, homework and lots of fun stuff! So if you would like to join us in celebrating my birthday it will be March 14th at Mazatlan, leave a comment and I will give you the rest of the details!

Monday, March 3, 2008

4 wheelin Girl

Yes, we had her helmet on her because we are at least wise enough to protect her head even if we risk the rest of her by putting her in motion with an engine!

Sky Lights

I have decided to go against popular views on sky lights. I don't really like them. I guess my view could be skewed due to the painting of our bathroom sky light. Well I haven't actually got it painted just primed, but it will be finished as soon as Britt gets home so he can entertain the girl. Thanks to Jenn, I was able to get it primed this afternoon. When we first moved into this house I thought that it was great that there was two; one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. I thought wow we are going to save on our lighting bill because of all the natural light, no we still have the lights on because it isn't enough and the bathroom traps all the moisture in it so it molds really easy. My arms are so sore from painting it, My hands and hair have paint in them, cute little paint drops freckle my skin. Hopefully this $19 a gallon, of primer will help with the mold because it is supposed to be mildew resistant. All I can say is don't laugh when you see our skylight and notice the paint on it. I have no clue how I am going to get it off due to it being 10 feet above my head. So now you know why I am not a big fan of sky lights and I think you all would be saying the same thing.

On a happier note we filed our taxes Saturday and the IRS has excepted them so we should be getting our refund soon :D! We got Alexis a basketball hoop and she loves it, she has the electric 4 wheeler and so we have lots of outside toys inside right now, but she is having fun! Here is the video of her first time outside with the 4 wheeler!