Friday, March 7, 2008

Crime Spree

Yesterday Jenn and I went shopping with the baby girls and Ben. It was fun except for Alexis decided to go on a crime spree. Attempted Assault, Shop lifting, Escaping police custody. So I guess you are wondering how a 18 month could accomplish all of this in such a short trip? Well she is Alexis and if any child can do it Alexis can do it better.

The first criminal act: Attempted Assault. At the Supermall they have the playground and Alexis has decided that everything in there is hers and she must defend it from those who are trying to take it from her. I have got it down to a science though, she is never more then 2 feet from me and if there is a child with in 5 feet or less I make her say hi to them and that seems to work for the most part. Every once in a while she will still try and grab and squeeze them, which is why I hoover. So she didn't actually hurt a child, but she did try.

The second offense she is charged with: Shoplifting. When we were leaving JoAnn fabrics she picked up a Sudoku book and just walked out the door. We of course stopped her and instructed her on how stealing isn't good especially for a book that only cost $1 and mommy doesn't even do Sudoku.

The 3rd charge and the most serious: Escaping police custody. After she got caught shoplifting we were walking to the car and she was holding my finger and being so distraught over the whole stealing thing she let go and ran for it. The scary part is she ran down the side of the car and was going towards passing cars. I think I almost had a heart attack as a leaped to her and grabbed her just feet from a passing car. Alexis feet will not touch the parking lot for the next 5 years. I am going to carry her in so she won't run in front of a car again.

I hope I will be able to teach her to fear the road, because right now she thinks it is a safe area and that is not good. This girl is going to cause me grey hair and it will come early because I am almost 30. In less then a week I will step into the good years, the years of school performances, ballet, homework and lots of fun stuff! So if you would like to join us in celebrating my birthday it will be March 14th at Mazatlan, leave a comment and I will give you the rest of the details!

3 lil' notes:

Travis & Leslie said...

Oh My Heck!!! What a day! I have been there!!! Our system is this: I carry Jack and the two kids have to each hold on to a back pocket of my pants, it works great for stores that have breakable things or are very crowded. We do it practically everywhere we go, I just hate it when the try to pull my pants down!!!!

Jenn said...

What a day! Ha-Ha!!! Oh and Ben wanted to send her to jail cause she was taking the toys he was playing with! LOL

The Gillespie Family said...

awww we would love to join you. however my contractions are AWFUL in the i don't think we will be making any long trips in the next xouple of months. so sorry. but have a fun day!!!