Friday, March 28, 2008


I would love to get a collection of everybodies favorite recipes going. I think that we should make a blog that we can add them to. Let me know what you think and Britt isn't so sure that it is necessary for us to make our blog private. He says that no one is going to find out where we live just by a picture of our house. So that is on hold until I can convince him otherwise.

5 lil' notes:

Chesley & Judy said...

I am trying to find out what you mean about making your blog private. The only way I would know to make it private is to unpost it. But, whatever go out on the internet...stays on the internet. Let me know.

Uncle Ches

Laura Suzanne said...

Good idea! I am getting boring cooking for my family and hate printing recipes online. I never know if they will turn out!

The Gillespie Family said...

i am soooo bored with our dinner ideas lately! wonderful idea!

Travis & Leslie said...

Love the idea too; both for making your blog private and a recipe blog, Jeannette would HAVE to be on that one! I've got some yummy recipes to throw on there and would LOVE to get some new ones!!

Sparks Family said...

I had friends taht put a recipe blog together. this might give you some ideas for food and a blog of your own too.
I found your blog on Mel's.. very exited. And I could've sworn that your little girl was still a baby. Man they grow up fast.
for when you go private.