Monday, March 3, 2008

Sky Lights

I have decided to go against popular views on sky lights. I don't really like them. I guess my view could be skewed due to the painting of our bathroom sky light. Well I haven't actually got it painted just primed, but it will be finished as soon as Britt gets home so he can entertain the girl. Thanks to Jenn, I was able to get it primed this afternoon. When we first moved into this house I thought that it was great that there was two; one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. I thought wow we are going to save on our lighting bill because of all the natural light, no we still have the lights on because it isn't enough and the bathroom traps all the moisture in it so it molds really easy. My arms are so sore from painting it, My hands and hair have paint in them, cute little paint drops freckle my skin. Hopefully this $19 a gallon, of primer will help with the mold because it is supposed to be mildew resistant. All I can say is don't laugh when you see our skylight and notice the paint on it. I have no clue how I am going to get it off due to it being 10 feet above my head. So now you know why I am not a big fan of sky lights and I think you all would be saying the same thing.

On a happier note we filed our taxes Saturday and the IRS has excepted them so we should be getting our refund soon :D! We got Alexis a basketball hoop and she loves it, she has the electric 4 wheeler and so we have lots of outside toys inside right now, but she is having fun! Here is the video of her first time outside with the 4 wheeler!

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