Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Hey Family Members that I Love! Please visit my Family tree and add yourself and any info you may have. I have been working on getting as much in there as I can because it is so cool to see how big our tree is. I can't however look up any info on www.FamilySearch.org for living. So if you are alive and want be included please help. My brain is kind of getting fried trying to think of your birth dates and wedding dates. I have some of our lines back pretty far and others that well just stop, I know some of that is because of fires and floods and other such but if you have the info don't hold back it is important to make sure the temple work is done. My family tree is located to the right and all you need to do is click on Family tree and find where you are or where you should be and add the info! If you have pictures then add them too, I haven't had time to go through pictures yet to add! Thank you so much and together we can get it done!

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Travis & Leslie said...

Get in touch with Lisa or Jeanette, I burned a cd of some of the geneology that I have. However, I didn't have the temple work part updated on that and I know that it's not completely full. After my computer crashed I've been trying to piece it back together. Taking longer than I hoped!! I love seeing the family tree too. At Deseret Book I saw one of those huge posters that you can fill in, I am tempted to get it so I can see the big picture at one time!!!