Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Belly button

I have an extremely deep belly button. I always have. Britt has always laughed at it and teased me that things could get lost. I wonder if mine will pop out. It may not, but it is getting more shallow. It is stretching out and the white inside skin is getting exposed. It looks super funny and causes me to laugh when I see my tummy. It may not pop out but it is for sure changing.

Tubes again

Alexis had her second set of tubes put in her ears yesterday. We found out that her adenoids were still there, even though the first surgery was supposed to remove them. Much better service at Mary Bridge. We arrived at 8am and they took us right back. Took all her vitals and got her changed into a hospital gown, pants and socks. They gave her a pink pig stuffy and had a coloring book and crayons for her. Then they wheeled her in her bed to the surgery waiting area and the anesthesiologist came and talked to us. We gave her a kiss and she was taken to the OR. In all this took maybe an hour. Last time around we got there at 10:30 and they didn't take her in until after 2. We waited, just hoping that she would wake up without the screaming and crying. She didn't cry. They wheeled her out and she was laying there hugging her new pig. She wanted to watch a movie the second we got in her room and would cry anytime a nurse got in her way. She got a blue Popsicle, apple juice and red jello. While they were giving us our discharge info I started to get light headed and started seeing spots. Lucky for me I was able to sit down before I passed out. I felt pretty silly when they brought me crackers. We left without incident though. She has been running around and wrestling daddy. She woke us up 3 times last night to go potty but didn't want an pain medicine. At 6:30am she was up and ready to take a shower because her hair was crunchy. I am so thankful that she is a good sick kid. It just makes things so much easier. Hopefully this is our last time having to get tubes and surgery for Alexis. It is so sad to see them all hooked up to stuff and not feeling good.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Add on

I knew I was forgetting something, Megan now tips the scales at about 1.5 pounds. She is also exactly on for her due date. I am 23weeks and 2 days and she measured 23weeks and 4 days. We are truly happy she is getting bigger, I am still struggling with my tummy getting bigger though. Britt even had Nancy talk to me about my weight gain and stuff today. She told him that it is normal for me to have mixed feelings. I seriously have never weighed this much and even though I know it is normal I still worry about after the baby is born. 140 may not be that much but when you are 5'2" it is. I had my first itchy tummy day yesterday and so I am caking the creams on...I don't mind getting stretch marks to much just not at 6 months. Nancy said my weight gain is perfect though. I have gained the exact amount that she likes to see, 13 pounds.

Press Release #2

Ok we have bunches of info that we haven't shared with anyone but our parents. Our last ultrasound nearly broke our hearts. It is very upsetting when the doctor sits down and says there are problems that could be really bad. The first thing he pointed out was the velamentous cord. Then he moved on to her brain. He said the ventricles were larger then normal and that is a concern. The third, I know you all you think how many problems can there be, is also in the brain, he said she had a Choroid Plexus Cyst. He also said that there might be a hole in the heart, but he couldn't tell because the baby is still small. Then he said he couldn't find a stomach. One of these things by it's self would normally not be a concern but all together it isn't good. We were in a lot of shock, we decided to wait to tell people until after this ultrasound. So we have had a very rocky 3 weeks. I have been praying non-stop that Megan would be ok, that she will be healthy. I was very nervous going into the doctors this morning.

Baby is doing good! Heart is great, stomach was found this time(she was snacking! Chewing and smacking her lips on the chocolate I had ate), umbilical cord is not a full velamentous cord(this is very good), 3rd ventricle is still enlarged(but getting smaller, 1st measure 1.7 this time 1.2), and cyst is still present. Now we wait and see her again in 4 weeks. 28 weeks is when growth due to umbilical cord placement drops off. Our birthing plan can continue the way we planned, at least right now.
We both feel very good after today even though the doctor still wants to do the amnio to test for genetic abnormalities. We most likely are going to decline it though. We know that the doctor has to tell us anything he might get sued over, so he is still stressing that she could have a very serious genetic problem. Through our prayers we feel that she doesn't have a genetic problem. All the research I have done indicate that if she did have a genetic problem there would be more problems such as physical deformities. Curled hands, club foot, shorter limbs, thick neck, missing bones, heart problems, spots in the heart or bowls. She has none of these and has been declared normal except for the ventricle and cyst. Cyst can occur in any area in our bodies were fluid exists. He even said that we get cysts in our brain we just don't know about them. Our midwife is very pleased with the results and said that nothing in Dr. Maslows report causes her concern. Dr. Maslow said that because the cord is attached to the placenta and not off completely that rupture of the cord during delivery is not likely. Nancy is not worried about it and said she has delivered babies with this kind of cord many times. We are still on the fence for delivery with Nancy or going to the hospital. We will do what is best for the baby and the next ultrasound will give us a better idea. So in 4 weeks we get to see Megan again, it is really neat to get to see her so much! After that I go to every 2 week appointments and pray for her continued growth and for her ventricles to continue to shrink. If I think of anything else I will post it but I think I have it all.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sweet music

Valentine's day was a calm evening here, except for the baby moving. Britt was singing right next to my tummy and Alexis was on the other side; they were singing primary songs. Alexis got bored really quickly so then it was just daddy. Megan moved all the way tight against my tummy to get as close to daddy as she could. She would listen and then kick when he was done, so he would sing another one. It was the sweetest thing. This morning Alexis came in to my room and started talking to her. She says' Hello cutie, cutie, cutie baby." I think they are going to be great friends.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Our Mini Vacation

I booked our trip today. When I asked Alexis where the one place that she is always asking to go is and she replied "Walmart," I was cracking up. She seriously asks to go nearly everyday to Great Wolf. The second I showed her their logo she knew. Then for a full minute she told me everything fun that can be done there and said Great Wolf Lodge about 10 times. Then promptly went and got her swim suit and said lets go. I showed her the calendar and am going to let her mark off the days until we go. Now I need to find a maternity swim suit.

Monday, February 8, 2010

beating heart

I finally was able to hear Megan's heartbeat with the stethoscope. She is so wiggly that I couldn't find it for long enough to know if it was her heart or not. I woke up yesterday and carefully got the stethoscope without moving and located it right away. When I handed the ear parts over to Britt she hit the part on my tummy and moved away. So Britt didn't get to hear. It was really exciting.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Alexis is singing about getting married in the temple. She is wearing a dress clutching her piggy bank and really getting into the dancing. Then she bows at the end and says thank you piggy. It is cracking me up! I just need to document it so that when she tries to run off with some guy covered in tattoos on the back of a Harley with a sign say Vegas or bust, I can pull this out and remind her that even as a 3 year old she had a better head on your shoulders! hahaha.

Kicking is good!

Megan is a little fire cracker. When I first started feeling her move it was only when I sat down, reclined and then waited impatiently for her little flutters and kicks. Now I feel it almost constant. Standing, walking, sitting, she is so strong too. It surprises me a lot and I love it. Sometimes it feels like she is tickling me, others she is kicking her legs, or pushing with her hands. I feel her roll and can tell when she is moving to a new spot. I am so happy that she has moved out of my pelvic area, that was getting really painful. I love that my belly is getting tight, especially when she is moving. I pray that she keeps growing stronger and bigger everyday. We are fasting for Megan to be healthy and strong this Sunday. Please if you can will you include us in your fast.

Alexis has taken to the baby clothes a little to much. She carries them everywhere, wants to take them to the store and to people's houses to show them. She is especially in love with the mary lamb blanket from Grandma Shirley. Today she was upset that Megan's little dresses were hanging in her closet, I told her get used to it. Megan's room has a small closet but it has shelves in it and no where to put a clothes rod (plus it is where the games, tax stuff, vacuum and other things that would normally go in a hall closet if we had one). So I will just put both girls clothes in the one closet. They will be sharing a room when Megan is old enough to sleep in a big girl bed anyways.

I am really excited about having another girl. I thought I would be a bit down if it wasn't a boy, but I am not. Alexis is really happy to have a sister and loves all the pink things we have. Britt is happy now too, he said he felt like he got kicked in the stomach when we found out, but now he is good. I love when they both talk to her. As for the next ultrasound we both feel very good that everything will be perfect. We may not even do the amnio if everything in the ultrasound looks good. We will see.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Grandma Shirley

Grandma Shirley came over last night and spoiled the girls. Alexis got her song book add-ons and has been singing the new songs none stop. She just took the book over to daddy and said"Grandma Shirley got me this." It is funny because when we ask her who's mommy she is, she insists that she is not Britt's mom. She is just her Grandma Shirley. Too cute. I love that both Grandma's live so close to us. I lived close to mine growing up and really missed that when we moved away. I hope we don't have to move far away from them ever. This song book is one of the things Grandma makes for all the grand kids and I was almost impatient for Alexis to get old enough to get one. We sing from it nearly daily and it has filled the void of nursery singing time. I was very impressed with Alexis last night. Grandma included the song the kids are learning from the primary program and as I was singing it Alexis knew a lot of the words already. We have a very talented singing teacher in primary, if after only 1 month a 3 year old is learning such a long song.

Thank you Grandma, We love you!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Family fun day!

We had a very fun day Friday. Ok well part of it was really fun. Britt had to take his truck into the shop so Alexis and I followed him to Seattle to pick him up. While we were up North we exchanged my maternity garment tops for a smaller size in Bellevue and then took Alexis to a park. Britt drives by it when delivering cars and has been dying to take Alexis there. It is in Kirkland and she was so excited when she first saw it. Britt and Alexis ran around like little children...wait Alexis is a child. We played there until Alexis had an accident. Unfortunately Britt didn't realize that and picked her up to run her to the bathroom and soaked his sleeve. Awww the joys of parenting. So we left and lucky for us Alexis has decided that she has to bring clothes with us when we go places. Britt on the other hand just had his g's and a coat. So we stopped at a fabric store and bought a sweat shirt, it was too short in the arms but at least he had a shirt. We then went to Whole Foods and bought some groceries. Yummy! Traffic was terrible at 5pm on a Friday so we had a lot of time to talk about baby names and decide on her name. finally. Here are some pictures from that and my 20 week. I know I am 21 today, but it is hard to keep up. I will try to take a 21 week self portrait.

Alexis kept racing Britt up and down the slide and he caught her and then got stuck getting out.

She was a pro at this and didn't fall once.

Loved the tire swing

Made it across all by herself! She was unsure at first.

Alexis found this giraffe costume and insisted in fit her perfectly.....

Not some much in the back, lol.

Spa time with a green gel mask.

I know it doesn't show my tummy really well but I love Alexis in the picture!
I think we have chosen a name.........

Megan Michelle

It means mighty, strong able, pearl

I have always loved Megan and Britt was on the side lines about it. I didn't have to convince him very hard to name our girl this. We were talking out names the other night while in the car and I said Megan just like I always do and he said "Ok, I like it." I felt victorious!!! He kept trying to put Michelle in as the middle name for every name and so I let him have that victory. It could still change though over the next few months. I don't think it will though.

Alexis has been so cute lately talking to the baby. She says "hi cute little baby." She shows her things and even offered her a drink of lemonade. It is fun!