Friday, February 5, 2010

Kicking is good!

Megan is a little fire cracker. When I first started feeling her move it was only when I sat down, reclined and then waited impatiently for her little flutters and kicks. Now I feel it almost constant. Standing, walking, sitting, she is so strong too. It surprises me a lot and I love it. Sometimes it feels like she is tickling me, others she is kicking her legs, or pushing with her hands. I feel her roll and can tell when she is moving to a new spot. I am so happy that she has moved out of my pelvic area, that was getting really painful. I love that my belly is getting tight, especially when she is moving. I pray that she keeps growing stronger and bigger everyday. We are fasting for Megan to be healthy and strong this Sunday. Please if you can will you include us in your fast.

Alexis has taken to the baby clothes a little to much. She carries them everywhere, wants to take them to the store and to people's houses to show them. She is especially in love with the mary lamb blanket from Grandma Shirley. Today she was upset that Megan's little dresses were hanging in her closet, I told her get used to it. Megan's room has a small closet but it has shelves in it and no where to put a clothes rod (plus it is where the games, tax stuff, vacuum and other things that would normally go in a hall closet if we had one). So I will just put both girls clothes in the one closet. They will be sharing a room when Megan is old enough to sleep in a big girl bed anyways.

I am really excited about having another girl. I thought I would be a bit down if it wasn't a boy, but I am not. Alexis is really happy to have a sister and loves all the pink things we have. Britt is happy now too, he said he felt like he got kicked in the stomach when we found out, but now he is good. I love when they both talk to her. As for the next ultrasound we both feel very good that everything will be perfect. We may not even do the amnio if everything in the ultrasound looks good. We will see.

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Jenn said...

Good thing about having two girls, is that you can dress them in the cute matching outfits for holidays or pictures or whenever!!!