Monday, February 1, 2010

I think we have chosen a name.........

Megan Michelle

It means mighty, strong able, pearl

I have always loved Megan and Britt was on the side lines about it. I didn't have to convince him very hard to name our girl this. We were talking out names the other night while in the car and I said Megan just like I always do and he said "Ok, I like it." I felt victorious!!! He kept trying to put Michelle in as the middle name for every name and so I let him have that victory. It could still change though over the next few months. I don't think it will though.

Alexis has been so cute lately talking to the baby. She says "hi cute little baby." She shows her things and even offered her a drink of lemonade. It is fun!

5 lil' notes:

Jamie Newman said...

So, did you let Alexis share her lemonade?

Just kidding. Megan Michelle is a great name! Congrats again! I am so jealous of the baby fun. Sometimes I think I want another one and then other times I am not so sure. I'm way excited for you and Steph.

shiree said...

That a very cute name

Shirley B. said...

Great choice of names! Megan will fit right in (it has always been one of my favorites too)
Love to you,

Chastina said...

It's such a relief when you have a name picked out, at least it was for me.

leslie mae said...

It has a VERY beautiful ring to it! Love it!