Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Add on

I knew I was forgetting something, Megan now tips the scales at about 1.5 pounds. She is also exactly on for her due date. I am 23weeks and 2 days and she measured 23weeks and 4 days. We are truly happy she is getting bigger, I am still struggling with my tummy getting bigger though. Britt even had Nancy talk to me about my weight gain and stuff today. She told him that it is normal for me to have mixed feelings. I seriously have never weighed this much and even though I know it is normal I still worry about after the baby is born. 140 may not be that much but when you are 5'2" it is. I had my first itchy tummy day yesterday and so I am caking the creams on...I don't mind getting stretch marks to much just not at 6 months. Nancy said my weight gain is perfect though. I have gained the exact amount that she likes to see, 13 pounds.

3 lil' notes:

Horn Family said...

Good for you Crystal!! Our weight is just one of the sacrafices that we make to have our sweet little ones. You are doing Great!!! You are all in our thoughts and prayers!!! We Love You All!!! We miss you so much!!!

Horn Family said...

I had my first stretch mark at 7 months with Malachi if I am not mistaken. After baby is born they get smaller! Some people you can't even tell! I bet you will be like that!!! No worries : )

leslie mae said...

YAY!! I am so happy that you have good news! We will continue to pray that Megan will be strong and healthy!

It's good to still watch your weight while pregnant, but don't let it get to you either. {I gained 80lbs with my first} Just keep following your heart and everything will work out fine.

We love you!!!