Friday, February 12, 2010

Our Mini Vacation

I booked our trip today. When I asked Alexis where the one place that she is always asking to go is and she replied "Walmart," I was cracking up. She seriously asks to go nearly everyday to Great Wolf. The second I showed her their logo she knew. Then for a full minute she told me everything fun that can be done there and said Great Wolf Lodge about 10 times. Then promptly went and got her swim suit and said lets go. I showed her the calendar and am going to let her mark off the days until we go. Now I need to find a maternity swim suit.

2 lil' notes:

Shirley B. said...

when do you plan on this mini vacation? As to swimsuits for Moms - check at JC Penneys and Sears and Walmart. Then if you still cannot find a suit you like, try Motherhood Maternity. (they are much more expensive, but they usually have some in stock).

Crystal said...

We are going next thursday and friday. I found a suit for $30 at motherhood maternity.