Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Press Release #2

Ok we have bunches of info that we haven't shared with anyone but our parents. Our last ultrasound nearly broke our hearts. It is very upsetting when the doctor sits down and says there are problems that could be really bad. The first thing he pointed out was the velamentous cord. Then he moved on to her brain. He said the ventricles were larger then normal and that is a concern. The third, I know you all you think how many problems can there be, is also in the brain, he said she had a Choroid Plexus Cyst. He also said that there might be a hole in the heart, but he couldn't tell because the baby is still small. Then he said he couldn't find a stomach. One of these things by it's self would normally not be a concern but all together it isn't good. We were in a lot of shock, we decided to wait to tell people until after this ultrasound. So we have had a very rocky 3 weeks. I have been praying non-stop that Megan would be ok, that she will be healthy. I was very nervous going into the doctors this morning.

Baby is doing good! Heart is great, stomach was found this time(she was snacking! Chewing and smacking her lips on the chocolate I had ate), umbilical cord is not a full velamentous cord(this is very good), 3rd ventricle is still enlarged(but getting smaller, 1st measure 1.7 this time 1.2), and cyst is still present. Now we wait and see her again in 4 weeks. 28 weeks is when growth due to umbilical cord placement drops off. Our birthing plan can continue the way we planned, at least right now.
We both feel very good after today even though the doctor still wants to do the amnio to test for genetic abnormalities. We most likely are going to decline it though. We know that the doctor has to tell us anything he might get sued over, so he is still stressing that she could have a very serious genetic problem. Through our prayers we feel that she doesn't have a genetic problem. All the research I have done indicate that if she did have a genetic problem there would be more problems such as physical deformities. Curled hands, club foot, shorter limbs, thick neck, missing bones, heart problems, spots in the heart or bowls. She has none of these and has been declared normal except for the ventricle and cyst. Cyst can occur in any area in our bodies were fluid exists. He even said that we get cysts in our brain we just don't know about them. Our midwife is very pleased with the results and said that nothing in Dr. Maslows report causes her concern. Dr. Maslow said that because the cord is attached to the placenta and not off completely that rupture of the cord during delivery is not likely. Nancy is not worried about it and said she has delivered babies with this kind of cord many times. We are still on the fence for delivery with Nancy or going to the hospital. We will do what is best for the baby and the next ultrasound will give us a better idea. So in 4 weeks we get to see Megan again, it is really neat to get to see her so much! After that I go to every 2 week appointments and pray for her continued growth and for her ventricles to continue to shrink. If I think of anything else I will post it but I think I have it all.

3 lil' notes:

Kate said...

I'm real sorry you had to deal with all that sadness and stress for the last few weeks. Soo glad to hear that Megan is doing better! Love you guys!

Goff Six Adventures said...

Glad to hear the news is better on this visit! You guys are in our prayers! We had a scare when I was pregnant w/Braeden, cysts on his brain...and he turned out totally healthy :)

Horn Family said...

Oh I am so Happy for you all!!! What a happy day!!! We have been praying for you like crazy!!! Megan seems to be fiesty like her Daddy! hahahaha I am so happy to hear this news and please know that you will continue to be in our prayers! I so wish we could be there now watching this sweet baby move! Prayer is Awesome!!!! We Love You!!!