Monday, February 1, 2010

Family fun day!

We had a very fun day Friday. Ok well part of it was really fun. Britt had to take his truck into the shop so Alexis and I followed him to Seattle to pick him up. While we were up North we exchanged my maternity garment tops for a smaller size in Bellevue and then took Alexis to a park. Britt drives by it when delivering cars and has been dying to take Alexis there. It is in Kirkland and she was so excited when she first saw it. Britt and Alexis ran around like little children...wait Alexis is a child. We played there until Alexis had an accident. Unfortunately Britt didn't realize that and picked her up to run her to the bathroom and soaked his sleeve. Awww the joys of parenting. So we left and lucky for us Alexis has decided that she has to bring clothes with us when we go places. Britt on the other hand just had his g's and a coat. So we stopped at a fabric store and bought a sweat shirt, it was too short in the arms but at least he had a shirt. We then went to Whole Foods and bought some groceries. Yummy! Traffic was terrible at 5pm on a Friday so we had a lot of time to talk about baby names and decide on her name. finally. Here are some pictures from that and my 20 week. I know I am 21 today, but it is hard to keep up. I will try to take a 21 week self portrait.

Alexis kept racing Britt up and down the slide and he caught her and then got stuck getting out.

She was a pro at this and didn't fall once.

Loved the tire swing

Made it across all by herself! She was unsure at first.

Alexis found this giraffe costume and insisted in fit her perfectly.....

Not some much in the back, lol.

Spa time with a green gel mask.

I know it doesn't show my tummy really well but I love Alexis in the picture!

3 lil' notes:

shiree said...

Your so tiny, Lucky you i wish with just one of my pregnancies i could have been that small

Horn Family said...

How sweet!!!! I Love her in this picture too!!! : )

The Peck's said...

I have pictures of Ben still insiting that the Griaffe costume still fit him and he was bigger then Alexis wearing it. I love the hair in the front it adds to the affect. :~)