Monday, August 18, 2008

what is that bitter taste?

Just now I licked my lips and I had this awful bitter taste and I was wondering what it was. I washed my hands because I had been to the store (horrid experience that no mom should ever go through) and I thought maybe I got something on my hands there and then I remembered. I remembered what I did when I got home. I opened the door to find Alexis's breakfast plate on the floor and I knew Rudy had got it down and licked it clean. This has become a very bad habit of his and we are really at a loss as to how to stop it. Besides the obvious of putting him outside or clearing the counters. Seriously though he has eaten cubes of butter and yesterday ate a whole package of club crackers. Back to the bitter taste I bought that dog stuff that you spray on things to keep them from ripping apart your house. I sprayed it on the plate and had him lick the plate. Must have got some on my fingers and trust me I didn't want to lick them again! Haha so it worked for me. I don't think it worked on the dog though, the food is just so tempting. By the way advice to Rudy "If the people have had a really bad shopping trip don't cause them any reason to be angry with you!"

I really had a bad day so far. I should have know it wasn't a good day to shop though since Alexis had a melt down because of her bath, then she wanted to wear her swim suit and go in the pool, it is raining so that isn't an option. She was having a beyond melt down fit at the dollar store. I was so embarrassed and was getting angrier by the second at her. She is so lucky that we were in public or I would spanked her really hard. At home I would have just walk away and shut myself up into the closet and hide for awhile, haha. She tried 3 or 4 times to throw herself out of the cart, one time she almost succeeded, good thing I have quick reflexes. I really wanted to crawl behind the stuffed animals and hide. As I was walking to the car I told her that my patience level for her had run all the way out and if she cried getting into her car seat I would have to spank her. She didn't cry, thank heavens because I probably would have left a mark I was so upset. So after I got in the car I turned around and gave her a big talk about how she has to start being better in the store. She looked up at me through her eyelashes and just listened to all I had to say. Then fell asleep on the way home. I hate feeling like that. I truly wish that I could find away to help her just sit and be good. It isn't like she was sitting in the cart the whole time either. Just when I was in line to pay, because I didn't want her going outside or back to the toys. So that was my shopping trip to buy things for her birthday party. Talk about ungrateful, then when I told Britt about it he said that was her way of saying don't spend hard earned money. He didn't get the haha result he wanted though....ohwell he will learn not to make light of my day when I am still on the way home from the said melt-down experience.

I will post pictures of our eventful life soon, just need to have some time to down load them.

3 lil' notes:

Jenn said...

I'm sorry you had a bad time at the store! Maybe your little talk with her will help.
And sounds like something Britt would say too!

Horn Family said...

ohhh Crystal I have sure had those days!!!! Hang in there!!! It will get better. Sometimes what has helped me lately is trying to find out what type of animal they sound like it helps me not to freak out and instead of getting angry I laugh! It is good. Wel I better go put my boys to bed because yeah they need it!!! Love Ya!!!!

shiree said...

wow that sounds like my life everyday brittanys been crying oh like everyday now for about a week and its been wearing on me and i feel like running away sometimes just casue ya know having 4 kids in the house can be a little craaaaaaaaaaaazy so hang in there crystal there are yet many more days of those to come