Thursday, August 21, 2008

Please don't ask

Today I made an appointment with a Doctor at Seattle Reproductive Medicine. I am hopeful, yet have doubts. I just thought I would blog it that way everyone who cares knows and I won't get a bunch of people asking us what we are going to do about having a baby or if we are going to adopt again. I am not saying we are not going to adopt again just right now we are going to see what this Doctor can do for us. The nice thing(if there is such a thing with infertility) is because I have endometriosis our initial appoint should be covered by insurance <$350> saved. I have already had a bunch of the tests that they usually start with and so has Britt, they may still want to do them again. I hope that the Doctor will give us good news and tell us it will be a simple fix....not likely though. Maybe this doctor will be able to tell us why Britt's testosterone levels are over 1400, that's twice what high should be. So that is the story and I will tell everyone what is going on as soon as I go see him in a few weeks. Until then please don't bug us too much with questions since we won't have anymore answers then what I just wrote! Not trying to be a snob it just gets really old when everyone asks....because everyone does.

P.S. Why won't insurance companies pay for infertility, stinking large amounts of money we could save. So if anyone would like to give us big bunches of money, we won't ask where it came from we will just say thank you!!!

3 lil' notes:

leslie mae said...

Good Luck guys; we'll keep praying for you!!

The Gillespie Family said...

which doc are you seeing? i saw one there but i can't remember his name. i liked him though. let me know!

shiree said...

hahahahaha nope sorry dont have bunches of money to give away maybe i could find a drug dealer and rob him for ya LOL KIDDING anyhow thats great hope you find good news out keep me posted