Sunday, August 24, 2008

Still Celebrating Turning 2

Happy Birthday Party Alexis!  We had great sunny weather for her party and the park was lovely and shaded, small conflict with picnic shelter so we moved up the hill to the basketball court, nice breeze blowing to cool the 80 degrees plus humidity and of course family and friends.  Alexis choose Dora the Explorer theme for this year and she got a boots shaped cake made by yours truly.  I have decided I am not good a cake creating and will stick to regular rectangular shapes!  We made noise makers first thing and then played "what's in the back pack" each kid got to pull a toy or game out and then keep it.  We also had a piñata that we bought in Mexico, it was small and Britt had to modify it.  The kids ran up and down the hill to the play ground.  Alexis was so excited when we sang happy birthday to her and she blow out both candles and then clapped, it was totally cute.  She opened her presents and then willingly let me take them and hand her a new one, she actually opened them by herself too.  It was great; we have great family and friends.  Alexis got her scooter and I only had to show her what to do for 10 seconds and she was off, slow but going!  Thanks to Jon and Steph for helping us setup twice!  Thanks Jen for helping and especially for watching Alexis tonight.  Mom and Dad thank you for bringing the tables.  The most special thank is for Britt...I have been kind of crabby with getting this party ready and he has taken it all in stride (a very difficult thing for him).  I am so grateful that Alexis is my little baby girl (who is growing way to fast).  I really can't imagine how sad and lonely we would be if we didn't have this sweet girl in our hearts.  She is talking so much and it is the cutest to hear her voice, she started saying flip-flop yesterday and it melts my heart. 


Last night we went to the mother and daughter camp out for our ward and it was fun.  Alexis was having a blast and the older girls (8 to 13) just loved playing with her.  I barely even had to follow her because they just took such good care of everything...except her run in with the kitten.  During the program Alexis had gone up to the house and well that cute little kitten just didn't know that running from the child would have been a good idea.  I am told that she had a death grip on this poor little fur ball.  After the cat was rescued from certain death I came upon the scene and she was made to apologize to the kitten.  That's when the program ended and the kids started playing freeze tag and Alexis went back to jumping on the trampoline...might have to check Craig's list for one.  I think she spent 90% of the campout on it.  She started getting really clingy and I lead her to the tent, go her in jamas and then laid down with her.  She would open her eyes and say "I'm tired" and then close them again.  She did that 3 times and then fell asleep.  Britt came to spell my dad for security for a few hours so I went and talked with him for a while and waited for the kids to calm down a bit and then went to bed.  Alexis slept for about an hour longer then I did and then she came out and found the kitten again before I could get to her, but this time she was holding it very gently.  The girls carried her around and she jumped, copied and played just like she was the same age as them.  It was great for me, I got to pack everything up and then they brought her over to me and we left.  I am totally wiped out though, between hearing my parents getting back and in their tent at 12:30, Josie waking up and wanting to go home...poor Brooke, and the dogs howling I didn't get a very restful sleep.  So I will upload pictures from both events tomorrow after church if I don't take a nap!  Thanks for everyone who came to her party and who just loves our little girl; you all mean so much to us.  We Love you Alexis!

2 lil' notes:

Jenn said...

Her saying Flip Flop is the funniest thing in the world! You for sure need to get that on video and blog it. I showed Joe her saying it last night too and he thought it was pretty funny. Gotta love that girl

Emma said...

Happy Birthday Lexie! I can't believe our girls are both turning two already...It's seems like we were both just at the hospital with our birth moms. Eliza's b-day is tomorrow. But Richard has to work, so we are celebrating it on Thursday night. It's nice when they don't know the difference yet.