Monday, March 22, 2010

This is the highlight picture from last week! The girl has moves!

After dinner party

After dinner the Schaub's and us walked around Seattle a bit. It was very windy and cold so we ducked into stores just to get warm.

My birthday

Birthday Dinner!!! Britt took me to the newly opened Hard Rock Cafe downtown. It was fun having no children and having 4 of our closest friends come along!
Aaron and Amy Schaub
Shiree and Keven Pine
The three girls under the guitar!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Press Release #3

Our ultrasound this morning went great! Megan is weighing in at 2 pounds 5 ounces. Doctor predicts she will be between 6 and 7 pounds if she goes full term. He is not worried about her growth dropping off at this point and says she is completely normal growth. Cyst is gone, heart is great the fluid that was around her heart is gone. 3rd ventricle in her brain is reduced to high normal range. Doctor feels that there was a blockage and that is what the problem was. He is not worried about a chromosome problem. He said that if there was a brain function problem then the amount of amniotic fluid would show it. I guess those babies have problems swallowing and Megan's fluid levels are fine. So the Marginal cord insertion is our only complication and that won't prevent a vaginal delivery as long as her growth is fine. He also mentioned that it would need to take a dramatic drop for him to take her early. We are so happy and even the doctor was really happy. So on to week 28 with joy!!!!

this is Megan at 24 weeks, I just haven't gotten around to posting.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

tidbets from Alexis

Alexis says and does some of the funniest things.

Yesterday we were sitting on the couch and she hit her foot really hard a few times. I asked her why she was hitting her foot like that and she replied

"because it was moving!"

Which caused me to burst out laughing and forced me to tell her the awful truth about our feet.....we make them move.

This morning she came in to our room at a few minutes before 5. I asked her if she was ok, she had brought my glasses to me because I left them in her room. She kissed me, but didn't go back to bed. This is how it went

me: "Do you need something?"
Alexis "I need you to stay with me."
me "I did stay with you until you went to sleep."
Alexis: "I want you to sleep in my bed."
me: "Your bed is not big enough for me to sleep with you."
Alexis: "You can sleep on the ground."
me: "That would hurt my body."

Silence and she slowly walks back to her room and then starts crying. So I get up and go lay down in her bed and she asks me why I left her all alone. Sad. I tell her she is never alone and daddy and I will always make sure she is with someone. Britt tells her that Heavenly Father and Jesus are always with her too. Britt left for work so I let her come lay in my bed, because truly a twin size bed is not big enough for a 3 year old and a 7 month pregnant mom. Of Course I knew that it was hopeless that she would really go back to sleep. We have eaten waffles, mango, oj and she had blue jello. I am blogging and she is playing the piano at 6:21am. I think a nap will be a must for us today. Her imagination is taking root big time as she now plays house with everything, even her french fries. We just love hearing her...even when she is calling her dolls brat-attacks. Alexis is so excited about preschool in the fall. She still has her Great Wolf Lodge bracelet on and insists that she can go back whenever she wants. I however will be waiting until Megan is older before I go back. Her favorite toy of the moment is her giant girl doll and of course her piggy. She loves birthday parties, they are the highlight of her life. She can't wait for hers, I mean really can't wait. That is her biggest worry in life, when is her party. Her theme changes everyday, todays is ballet. How would I even begin to plan that. Hopefully it will go back to a swim party! Fun times.

Tomorrow we have another ultrasound. We are excited about this one. Knowing that most of the concerns are behind us is so comforting. We are praying that the cyst is gone since they are supposed to go away around week 26 and I am 27 now. The cord insertion will not however be fixed and in truth we are heading into the point when it becomes the problem. We are just praying that Megan continues to grow well and won't have to be taken early. I just can't imagine her having to stay in the hospital to finish growing. I am comforted a bit that if she is born early that her chances go up to something like 86% after this week. I have a few pictures I will post after the sun comes.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Alexis figured out a way to really get Megan moving. I decided to take a bubble bath today in honor of my birthday. Well I had just got settle and was reading my book when Alexis pulls the curtain and climbs in, of course. So I set my book aside and she started playing in the bubbles. My tummy was covered so she grabbed her bucket and dumped water on me. Well as soon as the water stopped Megan started pushing and moving like crazy. Every time she dumped water on my tummy Megan would move a bunch. It was really neat. Alexis would talk to her and get really excited when she would move. I wish she would move like that when I get the video camera out.

Britt and Alexis gave me a new camera for my birthday. I love my D70 but goodness it is large to take with me. So I end up only taking it on planned outings. There are so many times that I wish I had a camera with me too. The battery is charging right now and I can't wait to snap away anytime I wish. We are going to dinner tonight at the newly opened Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle. Alexis is staying with Grandpa and Grandma Martin. We will go to the traditional Red Robin dinner later this week with Alexis. It isn't so bad being 32, I guess once you are in the 30's it is no big deal...until it gets closer to 40.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Up to date picture

My little sign holder cracks me up!!! 26 weeks and 3days! I can't believe how huge some things are on me. She kicked up by my ribs today for the first time and probably not the last.

23 weeks and 5 day picture

Ok this is way old but I thought I would post it. Alexis is showing her tummy also.

Friday, March 5, 2010


I am so excited as I watch my count down ticker and it is getting closer to double digits. Today makes a huge milestone!

100 days

I guess I felt like I would never make it here. After trying for 9 years and 10 months I guess I kind of stopped worrying about when and decided to just be happy with my husband and daughter that I am so blessed to have. That was the trick for us. When I first started that count down it was in the high 200's, maybe over 250 I can't remember. A lot has happened since we first found out both good and bad. Megan moves so much now that she wakes me up at night, I don't mind though. She responded when I put my hand on my tummy and just seems to be so in tune with me. I will enjoy this as much as possible because well we don't know if we will get blessed with another baby after this. I hope so because I have really enjoyed being pregnant so far. I love feeling my belly grow, even if it hurts now and then. Strangely I don't think I will mind getting stretch marks. Still don't want to gain bunches of weight. I don't think I am though. Alexis tells me all day long that she loves the baby, I secretly laugh because I am sure there is going to be some jealousy once she gets here. I am making her a kitty blanket, she picked out the fabric but doesn't know I got it. She will get it from us when Megan is to have a special present for the big sister! I spent the first part of this week organizing stuff in Megan's room and now we are ready to decorate, haven't decided what to do yet. I didn't even start Alexis room until after she was born. I will probably use Alexis crib bedding unless Britt decides he wants to get something else. I like her set, it was hand made for her and is beautiful. I think this post has turned into a jumble of thoughts!

Monday, March 1, 2010

New ride!

We got our new stroller and car seat delivered today. What an exciting moment. Alexis helped me take all the plastic and foam off and put the wheels on. She was so excited to go for a walk, except for most of the walk she ran and her baby rode in her spot. I can't wait to take my girls on outings and walks! I love how they match so well too!

Alexis sitting on the big girl seat, she can stand too.

Alexis with the car seat on. Don't they match so well, can't even tell they are from different manufactures!

Alexis with Ellis in the front, we shouldn't have to buy a new stroller again!