Tuesday, March 16, 2010

tidbets from Alexis

Alexis says and does some of the funniest things.

Yesterday we were sitting on the couch and she hit her foot really hard a few times. I asked her why she was hitting her foot like that and she replied

"because it was moving!"

Which caused me to burst out laughing and forced me to tell her the awful truth about our feet.....we make them move.

This morning she came in to our room at a few minutes before 5. I asked her if she was ok, she had brought my glasses to me because I left them in her room. She kissed me, but didn't go back to bed. This is how it went

me: "Do you need something?"
Alexis "I need you to stay with me."
me "I did stay with you until you went to sleep."
Alexis: "I want you to sleep in my bed."
me: "Your bed is not big enough for me to sleep with you."
Alexis: "You can sleep on the ground."
me: "That would hurt my body."

Silence and she slowly walks back to her room and then starts crying. So I get up and go lay down in her bed and she asks me why I left her all alone. Sad. I tell her she is never alone and daddy and I will always make sure she is with someone. Britt tells her that Heavenly Father and Jesus are always with her too. Britt left for work so I let her come lay in my bed, because truly a twin size bed is not big enough for a 3 year old and a 7 month pregnant mom. Of Course I knew that it was hopeless that she would really go back to sleep. We have eaten waffles, mango, oj and she had blue jello. I am blogging and she is playing the piano at 6:21am. I think a nap will be a must for us today. Her imagination is taking root big time as she now plays house with everything, even her french fries. We just love hearing her...even when she is calling her dolls brat-attacks. Alexis is so excited about preschool in the fall. She still has her Great Wolf Lodge bracelet on and insists that she can go back whenever she wants. I however will be waiting until Megan is older before I go back. Her favorite toy of the moment is her giant girl doll and of course her piggy. She loves birthday parties, they are the highlight of her life. She can't wait for hers, I mean really can't wait. That is her biggest worry in life, when is her party. Her theme changes everyday, todays is ballet. How would I even begin to plan that. Hopefully it will go back to a swim party! Fun times.

Tomorrow we have another ultrasound. We are excited about this one. Knowing that most of the concerns are behind us is so comforting. We are praying that the cyst is gone since they are supposed to go away around week 26 and I am 27 now. The cord insertion will not however be fixed and in truth we are heading into the point when it becomes the problem. We are just praying that Megan continues to grow well and won't have to be taken early. I just can't imagine her having to stay in the hospital to finish growing. I am comforted a bit that if she is born early that her chances go up to something like 86% after this week. I have a few pictures I will post after the sun comes.

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Chastina said...

I hope you get that nap today!

My kids hate being alone too. If I go upstairs they follow, if I go downstairs they follow. I have to lock the bathroom door or, you guessed it, they follow.