Saturday, March 13, 2010


Alexis figured out a way to really get Megan moving. I decided to take a bubble bath today in honor of my birthday. Well I had just got settle and was reading my book when Alexis pulls the curtain and climbs in, of course. So I set my book aside and she started playing in the bubbles. My tummy was covered so she grabbed her bucket and dumped water on me. Well as soon as the water stopped Megan started pushing and moving like crazy. Every time she dumped water on my tummy Megan would move a bunch. It was really neat. Alexis would talk to her and get really excited when she would move. I wish she would move like that when I get the video camera out.

Britt and Alexis gave me a new camera for my birthday. I love my D70 but goodness it is large to take with me. So I end up only taking it on planned outings. There are so many times that I wish I had a camera with me too. The battery is charging right now and I can't wait to snap away anytime I wish. We are going to dinner tonight at the newly opened Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle. Alexis is staying with Grandpa and Grandma Martin. We will go to the traditional Red Robin dinner later this week with Alexis. It isn't so bad being 32, I guess once you are in the 30's it is no big deal...until it gets closer to 40.

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