Monday, April 19, 2010

32 weeks

This isn't the best photo, but hey I'm 32 weeks and I don't know if they will get better. LOL. I will try and take another one this week. We have our first every 2 week appointment today! I also got out the stethoscope this morning and could hear her heart beating away. She is just getting so close to being here I can hardly wait. The little guy by me is the boy I babysit, he is getting so big and funny. Him and I have a lot of fun together since the girls, Alexis and his sister, don't want to play with a baby anymore.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Fair 2010

The giant hand foot massaging chair.

Highlight of the fair! She loves white unicorns...this one forgot it's horn, but she didn't notice.

Dora and boots and Alexis!

A bunny

Hot air balloon ride. She screamed this high scream of joy the entire time. In all the fair was small and the food was way to expensive, $4 for a corn dog. Good thing I brought snacks from home. She loved it, I tolerated it and took a nap when we got home! Everything is for the kids though right, we want them to remember their childhood as the best so we shell out nearly $40 for 6 hours of foot torture! Stay tuned we have an exciting trip to NW Trek planned for this week.

Spring Fair 2010

Loving the canoe ride, she has to ride them at every fair. Maybe Grandpa will have to take her out in the real canoe this summer!

This touch was for daddy who hates snakes and gets grossed out just thinking of her touching them.

She probably touched this turtle 10 times, it was her favorite thing in all the reptile area, which is ok with me.

Waiting for her face to get painted

The butterfly! I love it when they use the spray paints. When we got home she was asleep so I tried washing the rest of it, the part that didn't rub off on her shirt, and she woke up crying. Oops she wanted to go back and get another one.

Saturday April 10

Alexis is obsessed with taking pictures and her shadow. She is so cute!

Climbing the fence waiting for the Daffodil parade to start, we had an hour.

Chowing down some cotton candy goodness!

She had a dentist appointment before the parade and eating cotton candy! She has no cavities. She didn't like the fluoride gel and threw up, luckily my mom instinct had kicked in and all that yuck went nicely into the bib cupped around her mouth!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Megan's lastest photo shot!

We got some new pictures on Megan yesterday. It is hard to see but Dr. Maslow pointed out some wisps of hair on her head. We are so excited to meet this little lady!

This is our 3D picture. The technician apologized saying it isn't her best work. Her feet were up by her head again, just like at our first ultrasound and her cord kept floating in front. We don't mind it is just super cute getting to see her little face. I can't wait to kiss her little face. Last night I dreamed that I had found a way to hold her before she was born. I kept it a secret from everyone though so that I could have all to myself longer. It was a funny dream. Right in the middle of my dream Alexis came in and whispered to me. It was a sweet way to wake up even if it was 1:45am. I will have Alexis take a picture of me today, by the time Britt got home last night I was ready for bed, so no photos!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Press Release #4

We had another Ultrasound today. Unlike the past 2 they were just checking for growth. She is measuring exactly on 31 weeks and 2 days. Her brain is normal and healthy and so is the rest of her, well as much as they can tell from an ultrasound. She weighs it at 3pounds 9 ounces, which is in the 30%. But her growth is steady and Dr. Maslow feels that it will continue on the same path. Now she is on the small side, but well honestly I don't mind(who would complain about giving birth to a small baby). We are so happy with the results, it is wonderful what prayer, faith, hope and the priesthood can do.

When we were taking Alexis to my parents house she asked where we were going. So I told her that she was going to grandpa's and we were going to the doctor's for Megan. She asked if they were going to take the baby out so we can hold her. It was super cute. I just love that she is so excited for a new baby. If I go somewhere with out her she runs up to me and tells Megan she missed her. I am going to take a picture today I promise. Although I might take one from the front as well as the side since Megan is sideways still! So I am sure I am wider then I was before but don't really stick out much more!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

28 weeks

Britt didn't realize that the camera was on video and not photo, so this is the only one I have. Ohwell! I need to take a 29 week photo already, actually I am so close to 30 I should just do 30 weeks! It will have to wait until Britt gets home from California. Hopefully his truck can get fixed quickly. Poor guy has had a crazy week. First he gets a speeding ticket for going faster then the governor on his truck will even let the truck go, next I discover his debit card in the dryer(good thing he took cash!) As he was going through the scales to leave California and enter Oregon they pulled him to do an inspection and found things wrong with his truck. They froze him and he is waiting for a repair guy. He is ticked because all the things wrong with his truck the shop is supposed to inspect and are not doing it, obviously. The other guy he is driving with got pulled over for illegal lane change 15 minutes after the scales and really laid into the cop about pulling trucks over for quotas. So Britt is still on track to be home tomorrow, but it will be late now.
We are struggling a lot with Alexis saying "I hate you." It is driving me crazy and she is not responding with me asking her not to say it so she will now be getting cocoa powder in her mouth. Seriously I can't stand a rude child. I introduced it to her today with a warning and let her know the next time she said it she gets icky's for saying icky things. Right before her warning as she was slamming her door and saying the icky she slammed her finger in the door. I guess that might have been a good warning that her fit was a bit over the top. We will see how things go. She says the funnest things most of the time though. Like this morning she was talking to Megan "Megan come out, come out wherever you are!" It was very cute. She wiggles my tummy and hugs it and kisses it. She probably talks to Megan more then she talks to me.