Thursday, April 15, 2010

Megan's lastest photo shot!

We got some new pictures on Megan yesterday. It is hard to see but Dr. Maslow pointed out some wisps of hair on her head. We are so excited to meet this little lady!

This is our 3D picture. The technician apologized saying it isn't her best work. Her feet were up by her head again, just like at our first ultrasound and her cord kept floating in front. We don't mind it is just super cute getting to see her little face. I can't wait to kiss her little face. Last night I dreamed that I had found a way to hold her before she was born. I kept it a secret from everyone though so that I could have all to myself longer. It was a funny dream. Right in the middle of my dream Alexis came in and whispered to me. It was a sweet way to wake up even if it was 1:45am. I will have Alexis take a picture of me today, by the time Britt got home last night I was ready for bed, so no photos!

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Shirley B. said...

Yeah!! Go Megan!! I can hardley wait to see this precious little bundle myself! It is fascinating to hear that Dr. Maslow could even detect wisps of hair on Megan's head from the ultrasound. Technology has come along way since my babies were being "sounded".
Love to you all,