Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Fair 2010

Loving the canoe ride, she has to ride them at every fair. Maybe Grandpa will have to take her out in the real canoe this summer!

This touch was for daddy who hates snakes and gets grossed out just thinking of her touching them.

She probably touched this turtle 10 times, it was her favorite thing in all the reptile area, which is ok with me.

Waiting for her face to get painted

The butterfly! I love it when they use the spray paints. When we got home she was asleep so I tried washing the rest of it, the part that didn't rub off on her shirt, and she woke up crying. Oops she wanted to go back and get another one.

1 lil' notes:

Jamie Newman said...

I swear Alexis looks like you in that last picture! She has got such personality! I hear ya on doing things for our kids even if they aren't particularly fun for the parents...I spent Saturday at Lagoon and will be there all summer thanks to the in-laws buying us season passes. Ugh!