Thursday, April 1, 2010

28 weeks

Britt didn't realize that the camera was on video and not photo, so this is the only one I have. Ohwell! I need to take a 29 week photo already, actually I am so close to 30 I should just do 30 weeks! It will have to wait until Britt gets home from California. Hopefully his truck can get fixed quickly. Poor guy has had a crazy week. First he gets a speeding ticket for going faster then the governor on his truck will even let the truck go, next I discover his debit card in the dryer(good thing he took cash!) As he was going through the scales to leave California and enter Oregon they pulled him to do an inspection and found things wrong with his truck. They froze him and he is waiting for a repair guy. He is ticked because all the things wrong with his truck the shop is supposed to inspect and are not doing it, obviously. The other guy he is driving with got pulled over for illegal lane change 15 minutes after the scales and really laid into the cop about pulling trucks over for quotas. So Britt is still on track to be home tomorrow, but it will be late now.
We are struggling a lot with Alexis saying "I hate you." It is driving me crazy and she is not responding with me asking her not to say it so she will now be getting cocoa powder in her mouth. Seriously I can't stand a rude child. I introduced it to her today with a warning and let her know the next time she said it she gets icky's for saying icky things. Right before her warning as she was slamming her door and saying the icky she slammed her finger in the door. I guess that might have been a good warning that her fit was a bit over the top. We will see how things go. She says the funnest things most of the time though. Like this morning she was talking to Megan "Megan come out, come out wherever you are!" It was very cute. She wiggles my tummy and hugs it and kisses it. She probably talks to Megan more then she talks to me.

3 lil' notes:

Shirley B. said...

the "I hate you" phrase is a common one with 3 to 4 year-olds. I don't know if this will help, but your own dear husband used to say that as did many of his siblings to me and to each other. I think is is more an expression of their unhappiness at not being in control rather that actually dislike someone. Britt used to say to me "I hate you Momma!" and I would just reply to him "But I love you Britt". After awhile he didn't say that to me anymore, but if my memory serves me right, there were consequences for using that phrase in our home. Something like having to go to time out or away from other people, until they could control themselves better and speak kindly to everyone.I know it is not funny to hear a young child say such things, but it cracks me up because it was an every day occurance throughout most of my child rearing years. (Shucks, even teenages say things like that to their parents - and then it really hurst!) Guess you are in for the long haul and will just have to keep a sense of humor with you at all times.
My love to you all,
Mom Shirley

Shirley B. said...

Forgot to tell you that Megan is really becoming a "PRESENCE" inside that baby-bump of yours. I am getting so excited to have her her in our arms, so that I can hold her too.
Love you all,

Crystal said...

Shirley, I can totally see Britt saying that a lot (well all the kids, since they are so spirited just like Alexis). I have tried just saying I love back, time outs, asking her to go in her room until she likes us again and say nice words. It just seems to be getting worse. Funny thing is since I told her about the icky's she hasn't said I hate you to me. She still says I hate doing this or that. So we will see. I hope the threat works and I don't have to follow through.

Megan is for sure making herself known!!! It is so exciting.