Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Fair 2010

The giant hand foot massaging chair.

Highlight of the fair! She loves white unicorns...this one forgot it's horn, but she didn't notice.

Dora and boots and Alexis!

A bunny

Hot air balloon ride. She screamed this high scream of joy the entire time. In all the fair was small and the food was way to expensive, $4 for a corn dog. Good thing I brought snacks from home. She loved it, I tolerated it and took a nap when we got home! Everything is for the kids though right, we want them to remember their childhood as the best so we shell out nearly $40 for 6 hours of foot torture! Stay tuned we have an exciting trip to NW Trek planned for this week.

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Chastina said...

Wow! What a fair! It looks like Alexis has so much fun!