Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Press Release #4

We had another Ultrasound today. Unlike the past 2 they were just checking for growth. She is measuring exactly on 31 weeks and 2 days. Her brain is normal and healthy and so is the rest of her, well as much as they can tell from an ultrasound. She weighs it at 3pounds 9 ounces, which is in the 30%. But her growth is steady and Dr. Maslow feels that it will continue on the same path. Now she is on the small side, but well honestly I don't mind(who would complain about giving birth to a small baby). We are so happy with the results, it is wonderful what prayer, faith, hope and the priesthood can do.

When we were taking Alexis to my parents house she asked where we were going. So I told her that she was going to grandpa's and we were going to the doctor's for Megan. She asked if they were going to take the baby out so we can hold her. It was super cute. I just love that she is so excited for a new baby. If I go somewhere with out her she runs up to me and tells Megan she missed her. I am going to take a picture today I promise. Although I might take one from the front as well as the side since Megan is sideways still! So I am sure I am wider then I was before but don't really stick out much more!

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leslie mae said...

Alexis is so sweet!! She is going to be a great big sister to Megan!! You are getting SO CLOSE to D Day!!! I am so glad to hear Megan is going well!!! Lots of love from Idaho!