Friday, January 29, 2010

Gearing up for baby!

A lot of decisions need to be made when bringing a new baby into the family. What car seat, stroller, swing and other things to get. We sold Alexis's car seat to a friend when she was to big for it, so we are going to get this one! We will keep this one until we are done having kids. As for the stroller we have been using an umbrella type for quite awhile and that just won't due for a tiny baby, we are getting this double one. I loved my swing for Alexis, but sadly I let my sister in law use it and she gave it to Goodwill instead of giving it back so we need to buy a new one. I love that they are making ones that plug in and I found one that isn't $150! It is the same brand as my first one too. Look here for that. We are so excited to get our tax return so we can buy this stuff! Fun stuff. I washed up all my tiny newborn clothes yesterday and got them folded into the basket. I thought I had a lot more, but now that I look back I realize that Alexis was 9 pounds so I bought 0-3 month clothes. I washed them up too, but still only came up with 5 onsies, 2 gowns, a blanket sleeper, 3 dresses, 3 pant sets and a 3 one piece outfits. So I we will need a few more things, especially some pj's. I only have 2 newborn hats. It is hard to know what to get though, I guess it depends on when this baby comes as to what size we will need first. I plan on waiting until the summer stuff starts to go on sale. It will be hard though!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Press release #1

It has been a few days and I think I have come to the point where I can now safely talk about this. I still would really appreciate it if all of those who love us wouldn't ask us questions since we are still learning and will learn more in a few weeks. With that said I am eternally grateful that seeing a midwife provided me with the opportunity to see a specialist for my ultra sound. Had I not seen Dr. Maslow there is an extremely high chance that we would not have caught this and it could have sealed a very sad outcome to this pregnancy. I have found out that though statistically speaking it is not reported as often as it really happens because many babies are born without incident. The only cases reported in statistics are those found before birth. I am still very scared and upset that the plan that Britt and I so carefully thought about is most likely not going to happen in anyway. I love Nancy though as a care giver and we will still see her through this along with Dr. Maslow....who gets 2 of the best caregivers during a pregnancy?
Ok so our sweet little girl has a Velamentous Cord. It is a condition where the umbilical cord implants somewhere other then the middle of the placenta. This can be especially dangerous depending on that placement. Ours is at the edge, not as dangerous as some (some implant way off the placenta and/or across the cervix) and luckily my placenta is higher up and not close to my cervix. This is very dangerous during birth, it is like baby is growing in there with a little bomb and going into labor, water breaking and contractions can cause a vein to burst and death before the doctors even know what is happening. We will be having many ultrasounds over the next few weeks until they determine the baby is safe to deliver. They also are going to do an amniocentesis on the 17th. I am petrified as I hear it hurts and there is a risk for miscarriage. The reason we didn't have one on Monday, they like to do them before week 20 for situations like ours, is because we said that we are going to carry this baby as far as we can and so he put it further out to lessen the risk of miscarriage. I know that you will all forgive us for not running home and calling or telling you all. Monday was a very raw and emotional day for us and it is slowly getting a bit easier to handle. (Jenn this is why I am going to chill on the walks Britt and I decided that light duty is a must for me until little girl is born). I really wish time would speed by and that I can know how this is all going to happen. Most likely I will have to have a c-section and earlier then my due date. I will do anything to protect this girly and if that means I have to have the complete opposite of what I want for my birth plan then so be it. I actually feel better typing this out like I am passing some of the burden on to all who read this.

Finding out that this baby is a girl has been very different then what I thought it would be like, maybe finding out that there are problems lessened the joy and enthusiasm. That is why we didn't tell anyone until Tuesday what she was, we where still reeling with what it all means. We have a long and bumpy 20 weeks, take a few, to go and I am sure that you will all find me a basket case at some point. Every time I feel her move it is just amazing because I know we made it just a bit further. I think she knows my thoughts because when ever I start to wonder how she is doing, she moves and I know it is just for me. Life is full of ups and downs and I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and will help my through this. We are asking that you all please pray for a positive outcome. I think this will be the longest 4 months in my life.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I told Britt today that just because we are having a girl and I have lots of Alexis's little clothes I will still want more. I only saved my favorites and most of them are fall and winter things. End of August Babies don't get too many hot summer days! So I will get to buy some fun matching summer outfits for the girls. He rolled his eyes at having the girls match, but when we go somewhere and they are both dressed similar he will love it. Little miss is moving a bunch while I type this so I think she likes the idea too!
Britt was so shocked when we where told it was a girl. She was showing us the area and said baby isn't being shy right now, see those 3 white lines? Britt said so it's a boy and both the lady and I said "It's a girl" at the same time. He is finally throwing girls names out and getting excited. I am relieved that we were able to find out so that he could adjust. If you have girl names throw them out, we are open for anything right now!!!

I have gained 9 pounds so far, the suggested weight gain for 20 weeks is 10 pounds. I feel good that I am gaining the right amount of weight. I have heard that girls like to make mommy gain lots of weight. Blood pressure is good and no sign of toxemia. Nancy took a vile of Britt's blood and is having it typed, I forgot to ask how long before that gets back. We have a big Ultra sound scheduled for February 17th to look at the baby in more detail, she was so low in my pelvis area that getting a look at her head and stuff was hard. She even tilted me back trying to get baby girl to come up, but she wouldn't. Just way to comfy down there. We really love the Perinatologist that we are seeing he is so kind and loving. I can see why Nancy works with him, he came out and got us in the waiting room and talked to Alexis. It was nice going to his Federal Way office because there was no other patients. In Tacoma the place was packed, standing room only. Of course that was a Friday and 3 doctors were in the office. Federal Way just happens to be closer to us too. We would still like some prayers sent this way for this little baby, she is so special to us and want everything to turn out just right!

I love feeling her move, it is so exciting!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's a girl.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

20 weeks down, 20 to go!!

Some exciting things are happening this week! First we have our 20 week appointment with Nancy. Up until now we really haven't had any questions but we have a few this time. We are unsure what Britt's blood type is and will be seeing if we can get that tested. We would hate to have the RH factor and not know it, second we will be talking about my kidney's and the risk of toxemia. See when I was little I had scores of infections and the doctors were baffled as to why I got them so easily. They sent me to the hospital for some scans. I only remember seeing all the kids and how sick they looked, but they were all smiling. Those scans came back saying I had small kidneys and they must have had a harder time processing. Well my Grandmother had severe kidney problems even complete failure and was in preparation for a kidney transplant when she died. She developed toxemia during her pregnancy and while trying to save her life by aborting the pregnancy early in her 3rd trimester my uncle lived. Being that he was born in the mid-40's he is a miracle. She had problems with my dad also. So to be on the safe side we want to talk about this and make sure that we know all the symptoms and are well informed.
We also have our 20 week scan scheduled. We are most excited and can't wait to see what our baby looks like now. We haven't had an ultrasound since I was 12 weeks and can't wait to hear the heartbeat again. We will be taking Alexis with us, she just loves seeing the baby and hearing it! We will try and find out. We all know how babies are though so hopefully she/he will let us know!
Britt is going to California again this week, it really makes me sad when he leaves like this, even though I know it is guaranteed money on the paycheck. Sometimes I wish he had a desk job and didn't have to work 14 hour days and be gone for so long, ok I wish it more then sometimes. Right now his job is not as secure as it was 3 years ago. This isn't in the exciting part of the week though!

So stay tuned for results!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Almost 19 weeks photo.

Taken at almost 19 weeks. We will take one before the ultra sound next week too. I will be 20 weeks in Monday. The baby moves a lot. It is so fun and amazing to be able to experience all this. Britt is crazy with anticaption and every cute little boy thing he sees he wants to buy. I pull him back though by reminding him it could be a girl. When we ask Alexis if she wants a baby sister or brother she says sister. When we ask her what is in my tummy she says a boy. I don't think we are going to have to worry to much about her being disappointed. We just have to worry about Britt, I am sure all dad's want a son though.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Yesterday we had a little peek of spring. It was warm 60 degrees, sunny and beautiful. Alexis rode her bike and Britt and Aaron Schaub tore the railing of our front porch and started building a new one that might actually be strong enough to hold a prisoner, haha. Amy and the kids came over and we had pizza and played the Wii. A fun day and made me really excited for this spring and summer!

I woke up in the middle of the night about 3am because of a dream. My brakes weren't working right and I had mad skills of keeping the car from hitting stuff. I was doing donuts and skids that the professionals would be jealous of. Well as I was laying there not able to go back to sleep I felt a big kick from the baby. I put my hand there and the baby kicked again. It was so neat. I thought about waking Britt, but I didn't want him to be disappointed that I woke him up and then nothing happened. I didn't feel anymore but stayed awake for a long time just in case! I have felt the little bubbles and flutters but this time it was on the outside and moved my tummy. Wahoo!

My tooth broke during lunch and so today I get to have it pulled. I am really nervous since this will be the first tooth pulling I will be awake for. My wisdom teeth I was knocked out for. Hopefully it goes well.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Sunbeam

The rocky start to Alexis primary years seems to be over. Last week she had a substitute, 2 actually, and they are sisters who are so sweet and loving to children. Alexis was just bubbling and happy. Even though I forgot and left her string cheese in her little bag that we made her and she ate it in sharing time, opps. This week I was sure to take out any snacks and just left her Book of Mormon and stake directory in. She has a newly called teacher Sister McGraw. Alexis was very happy when I picked her up and I was told she was good, talked a lot though, I don't think it was the candy she got either. I laugh at that because we can't get her to stop talking either. She talks quietly all through Sacrament meeting and through movies, nothing but sleep stops her and even then she talks in her sleep. Funny story about the stake directory: It is from last year and it is her song book. She walks around the house singing songs and giving talks from it. She brings it everywhere and it was that or her superman cape that I made for her. Somehow I didn't think the cape would go over very well during ward conference. Can you imagine a blond little girl running through the chapel from her pregnant mom? Ok I can too and it makes me laugh, but I really don't want the Stake presidence remembering me for that!

I am so grateful for our Primary Presidency. I can't imagine how hard it is to get teachers for these wonderful kids. I know that my Heavenly Father knows what calling is right for us and I am grateful for those who are willing to teach. I loved teaching primary and I know that if we except the callings we are asked to serve that we will be blessed and spiritually fed.

** I keep forgetting to get a picture of her already to go to church with her little bag. We are always late and the second we get home she strips her dress off. I will keep trying.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I have been in a dilmena pretty much since I found out I am pregnant. Nothing sounds good to me about 10 mintues after I start cooking dinner. So meal planning has been so out of the question! Most meats don't taste good either so I have been dreading cooking dinner. Leslie did a post about meal planning and 2 other cooking blogs I look at had posts so I took that as a sign. Maybe if I already know what I need to cook I will be more prepared to eat it! So we will see. I am going to make a interactive calendar with Alexis that has pictures and try and get her to help me plan so that she will eat it. We will give it try, It can't hurt right?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A friend

I have been meaning to post that Alexis has an imaginary friend, umm monster. She comes with us everywhere. The other day we stopped to get gas in the car and Breao, that is how the monster spells her name, got out. Well I must not have realized this, still not sure how I missed her getting out, and drove away. Alexis started panicking because we were leaving her monster. I being quick witted replied your monster jumped on the back of the car. That satisfied her. Tonight we were eating soup and she kept giving Breao tastes. It is very funny and cute. I wish I knew why it is a monster and not something more girly, but oh well. They have tea parties together and talk all the time. I have asked Breao to please speak more clearly though since Alexis still mumbles when she gets excited, or maybe she is speaking monster.

Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam

I have been so excited for this and Alexis felt the excitement also. After sacrament we stayed in the chapel Alexis walked up and sat in a row with a bunch of other little girls, I almost cried watching her walk up there so big and yet unsure. Sister Barker introduced the new theme and Sister Richards sang the new song for the month. It is a beautiful song and caused tears to brim my eyes. She then released senior primary to get their classes started. The sunbeams were told who their teacher was and they all got to go in the primary room first. It was so cute watching them walk down the hall, Alexis walked to the nursery door and pointed to it and a few others tried to go in. We were able to get them to go in the primary room without any problems though! I peaked in on her during sharing time and she was sitting in her chair, not really listening though. After church she told us nobody likes her in class, they wouldn't play ring around the rosy or hide and seek. I asked if all the kids were playing hide and seek and she said "No just me mommy!" I asked what her lesson was on and she said something about being a naughty girl. I was sad that her first Sunbeams class wasn't amazing for her.
We are working on sitting and listening this week so that hopefully it will help on Sunday. I have also been playing the new song trying to learn it with her. Today we are going to go get some fabric and make a bag and buy her a Book of Mormon to take with her because she is big now. I am hopeful that next week will be better.

***We went and got material and a B of M, made the bag and she is in Heaven. She went and got a dress out of closet, mine from when I was about 5 that my mom saved, and asked if we could go to church. She carries it around and takes it out to read from it.