Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Sunbeam

The rocky start to Alexis primary years seems to be over. Last week she had a substitute, 2 actually, and they are sisters who are so sweet and loving to children. Alexis was just bubbling and happy. Even though I forgot and left her string cheese in her little bag that we made her and she ate it in sharing time, opps. This week I was sure to take out any snacks and just left her Book of Mormon and stake directory in. She has a newly called teacher Sister McGraw. Alexis was very happy when I picked her up and I was told she was good, talked a lot though, I don't think it was the candy she got either. I laugh at that because we can't get her to stop talking either. She talks quietly all through Sacrament meeting and through movies, nothing but sleep stops her and even then she talks in her sleep. Funny story about the stake directory: It is from last year and it is her song book. She walks around the house singing songs and giving talks from it. She brings it everywhere and it was that or her superman cape that I made for her. Somehow I didn't think the cape would go over very well during ward conference. Can you imagine a blond little girl running through the chapel from her pregnant mom? Ok I can too and it makes me laugh, but I really don't want the Stake presidence remembering me for that!

I am so grateful for our Primary Presidency. I can't imagine how hard it is to get teachers for these wonderful kids. I know that my Heavenly Father knows what calling is right for us and I am grateful for those who are willing to teach. I loved teaching primary and I know that if we except the callings we are asked to serve that we will be blessed and spiritually fed.

** I keep forgetting to get a picture of her already to go to church with her little bag. We are always late and the second we get home she strips her dress off. I will keep trying.

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Chastina said...

I kept trying different trick for my kids. Glad you found something that helps her. Primary teachers are the best!