Thursday, January 7, 2010


I have been in a dilmena pretty much since I found out I am pregnant. Nothing sounds good to me about 10 mintues after I start cooking dinner. So meal planning has been so out of the question! Most meats don't taste good either so I have been dreading cooking dinner. Leslie did a post about meal planning and 2 other cooking blogs I look at had posts so I took that as a sign. Maybe if I already know what I need to cook I will be more prepared to eat it! So we will see. I am going to make a interactive calendar with Alexis that has pictures and try and get her to help me plan so that she will eat it. We will give it try, It can't hurt right?

3 lil' notes:

leslie mae said...

It sure helps us!! But I have the same problem sometimes... and I'm not even pregnant!!! Good Luck!!

leslie mae said...

Oh & post pics of your calendar; that sound too fun!

Chastina said...

I also have that problem, I'm not pregnant either. My kids are more likely to eat something they pick and/or help make. Hope Alexis is the same.