Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I told Britt today that just because we are having a girl and I have lots of Alexis's little clothes I will still want more. I only saved my favorites and most of them are fall and winter things. End of August Babies don't get too many hot summer days! So I will get to buy some fun matching summer outfits for the girls. He rolled his eyes at having the girls match, but when we go somewhere and they are both dressed similar he will love it. Little miss is moving a bunch while I type this so I think she likes the idea too!
Britt was so shocked when we where told it was a girl. She was showing us the area and said baby isn't being shy right now, see those 3 white lines? Britt said so it's a boy and both the lady and I said "It's a girl" at the same time. He is finally throwing girls names out and getting excited. I am relieved that we were able to find out so that he could adjust. If you have girl names throw them out, we are open for anything right now!!!

I have gained 9 pounds so far, the suggested weight gain for 20 weeks is 10 pounds. I feel good that I am gaining the right amount of weight. I have heard that girls like to make mommy gain lots of weight. Blood pressure is good and no sign of toxemia. Nancy took a vile of Britt's blood and is having it typed, I forgot to ask how long before that gets back. We have a big Ultra sound scheduled for February 17th to look at the baby in more detail, she was so low in my pelvis area that getting a look at her head and stuff was hard. She even tilted me back trying to get baby girl to come up, but she wouldn't. Just way to comfy down there. We really love the Perinatologist that we are seeing he is so kind and loving. I can see why Nancy works with him, he came out and got us in the waiting room and talked to Alexis. It was nice going to his Federal Way office because there was no other patients. In Tacoma the place was packed, standing room only. Of course that was a Friday and 3 doctors were in the office. Federal Way just happens to be closer to us too. We would still like some prayers sent this way for this little baby, she is so special to us and want everything to turn out just right!

I love feeling her move, it is so exciting!!!!

3 lil' notes:

Shirley B. said...

I was thinking of combinations on both of your names Like: Brystal, or Cryston, CraZy Huh?

Just random thoughts, from a most random person. But I love you all very much.

leslie mae said...

YAY!! I am soo happy for you!

Before I start throwing names out there I need to know your style more! Do you like matchy names with Alexis? Old fashioned? Traditional? Family names?

Kate said...

I read the name Makena the other day and loved it!