Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam

I have been so excited for this and Alexis felt the excitement also. After sacrament we stayed in the chapel Alexis walked up and sat in a row with a bunch of other little girls, I almost cried watching her walk up there so big and yet unsure. Sister Barker introduced the new theme and Sister Richards sang the new song for the month. It is a beautiful song and caused tears to brim my eyes. She then released senior primary to get their classes started. The sunbeams were told who their teacher was and they all got to go in the primary room first. It was so cute watching them walk down the hall, Alexis walked to the nursery door and pointed to it and a few others tried to go in. We were able to get them to go in the primary room without any problems though! I peaked in on her during sharing time and she was sitting in her chair, not really listening though. After church she told us nobody likes her in class, they wouldn't play ring around the rosy or hide and seek. I asked if all the kids were playing hide and seek and she said "No just me mommy!" I asked what her lesson was on and she said something about being a naughty girl. I was sad that her first Sunbeams class wasn't amazing for her.
We are working on sitting and listening this week so that hopefully it will help on Sunday. I have also been playing the new song trying to learn it with her. Today we are going to go get some fabric and make a bag and buy her a Book of Mormon to take with her because she is big now. I am hopeful that next week will be better.

***We went and got material and a B of M, made the bag and she is in Heaven. She went and got a dress out of closet, mine from when I was about 5 that my mom saved, and asked if we could go to church. She carries it around and takes it out to read from it.

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Chastina said...

As a former Sunbeam teacher the first couple of months are the hardest as they adjust to being in the bigger primary and not in nursery.