Wednesday, December 30, 2009


A plus to a private blog is that I can post things that we don't really want everyone to know!

Our friends from Alaska, who we love to go to Mexico with since that is where we met, are going to be in town at the end of February. Last time they were here we went to Great Wolf Lodge and they just called to see if we wanted to go again. We seriously have been 4 times already and love it. Alexis talks about it a few times a week at least and the day they called she was asking to go... she asks to go at least once a week too. I am not as excited as usual though seeing as I will be like 24 weeks pregnant and not able to do the slides, but ohwell. I was looking online for a maternity swim suit and wow they can get expensive. Lucky for me Target sells tops for $22. We had been trying to decide what Alexis could buy with her Christmas money from Collin and Damita and now we know. We will let her spend it at the Great Wolf! She is always asking for ice cream and slushy's and bunches of other things that are way over priced so we pass on them. This time she can have what ever she wants up to $25! Lucky girl! I am excited to see Dave and Jenny and the kids though. They are such nice people and I am so glad that my dad is so friendly and spends his time in the hot tub on vacation so that we could meet them! Britt and my dad are still hoping to squeeze in an Alaskan fishing trip this summer with them. It sure makes fishing nice when you have such good friends who live there.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oranges=health update

I need to clarify something that Britt pointed out today. Earlier I posted about how mandarin oranges are keeping me healthy and then I got a sinus thing the other day. So he was disputing my science and I just have to say the science is sound I stopped eating them because they were giving me heartburn. I would like to point out that my sinus issue are almost gone now and I firmly believe it is because I didn't take any medicine for it. I used saline spray and used tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil on a cotton ball by my bed at night. I do the same for Alexis and our colds last about 4 days and then we are on good to go. Britt also uses tea tree oil and his colds are short lived too. So we don't waste money on cold remedies anymore. There are a few other things like pressure points to relieve the sinus pain and help them empty too. I never thought I would be on the natural side of things like this, but it is so nice. Don't get me wrong there are still times when modern medicine is absolutely a must. I still believe in vaccinations and antibiotics too, I just think the are alternative ways to handle some things!

Monday, December 28, 2009

16 weeks

Today we had our 16 week appointment. Alexis got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time and was very excited. I will have to video how she says the baby sounds, it is cute. When I laid down she got on the bed and said "It's ok mom, it's going to be fine!" Then she heard the beating and said that's the baby. All day she has been telling me "my baby is making sounds" or "Do you hear that mom it's my baby!" I just love this kid and how funny she can be. She won't give up that she has a sister in her tummy. The other day we had her introduce herself so that the baby knows who is always yelling, crying, talking,, and she laid down and started talking to her tummy.

My uterus is just bellow my belly button, right where it is supposed to be and the heart beat sounds great. Blood pressure good, glucose good. The big ultrasound is scheduled for January 27th. I have reconciled myself that Britt is dying to find out what the baby is, so we will find out as long as baby cooperates. I will not be heartbroken if he/she is shy! It is probably for the best since Britt thinks it is a boy so strongly, so if it is a girl he can switch tracks long before the baby comes.

He is getting a little wild with names though. I may have to name this baby by myself. Magnuson Britton Bergman is just not going to make the cut. Yes I understand that it is technically a family name and that he competes in the World's Strongest Men competitions but I just can't do it. He also has thrown in a Carmichael and of course Preston. All of these make me want to cry and it is the only time I think maybe it will be a girl and then it won't matter. I made the mistake of saying Magnum is as close to magnuson as I can get....bad, bad, bad. I really wouldn't name my child Magnum either. We will just have to wait until the end of January to see.

Aftermath of Christmas morning

She loves these, I wish they were easier for her to dress

First present she picked up

Christmas Eve

She was more excited about the guitar watch then the money.

She loves her cousin Caymon and insisted on sitting by him. She is checking the tag to make sure it has her name on it.

Christmas story with Grandma's nativity set

Cambree, what a sweetie!

All the kids, but Erin's, it was hard to get a picture of them all looking at me.


This is what happens when you dump half a bottle of shampoo in the bath. It was a serious process to get all the bubbles to go away. Little stinker and she has since done it to another shower at a friends house, only she wasn't in it just doing the prep work.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Christmas was so great this year! We started out with carolling on Tuesday evening with some families in our ward. We hit random people in our ward that we felt needed to hear us sing, we actually sounded pretty good too! We went to Alexis's nursery teacher's house and she was so excited, ran up and almost knocked her over giving her a huge hug and told her "Merry Christmas." I think if it had just been Alexis and I singing Sister Burnside would have been just as happy. Sad that today is her last day in nursery. I am home sick but Alexis went with my parents, I am kind of glad because I am already teary eyed at her growing up and being a Sunbeam. Anyways back to the 22nd, we then went to the Huntington's home and had goodies. It is a fun tradition and Alexis loved it. Next year will be different with a small baby so one of us may have to take turns staying in the car.

December 24th, Alexis is bubbling with excitement. She can't wait to hand out presents. Britt had to work so we went to the Bergman Annual Christmas Eve Chaos Event...I just nicknamed it that. We love it and as we add more kids and they get older, it just gets more crazy! We met at the church and had dinner, it was nice to set up enough seating for all of us at one table. The kids ran around the gym and played so well together. We gathered around the tree and Grandma Shirley read us a story, while the children tried to listen. Then we talked about the birth of our Savior, I think the kids are starting to remember it now. We gave the kids their gifts and made them all wait to do it was fun to see 11 kids tear into bags and paper. We exchanged adult gifts from each other and then did his mom's gift exchange. Every year she gathers together gifts, wraps them up and we play a game to get one. You never know what is inside and it doesn't matter it is just fun! Alexis fell asleep in the car on the way home and Britt was home shortly after. We put all her gifts out and went to bed.

December 25th, 5:45am Alexis came in our room and I take her back to bed. She asks me to lay with her because she is scared. I crawl into her twin bed and we snuggle for about 30 minutes. I then went back to bed and she followed me shortly. At 6:30 she gets up and goes to the bathroom and Britt goes to help her. I hear her talking about presents and know that time is up. Britt is so funny he asked her if she heard the reindeer on the roof and Santa coming in our house to give her presents. She hadn't heard anything at all and sure enough she went right out to the living room and starts jumping around and squealing. We turn on lights and take some pictures and she is begging to open presents by now. We make her find her name on every present, which all but a few are for her. I guess buying gifts through out the year makes for a big Christmas because I didn't realize I had that many! Luckily it takes her 45 minutes to open them all...that could partly be to some of the wrapping paper not riping. Even Britt had to slice through the tape for her. Next year maybe I will wrap them all with it!!!! Every present was her favorite, it was really funny. My parents and brother come over for a Christmas breakfast and she had to give them their presents right when they walked in the door. We played some Wii and got ready for the day and headed up to my parents for more gifts and dinner. I got a food processor, which I am really excited about. Alexis was spoiled rotten and loves everything she got! We had prime rib, twice baked potatoes, pretzel jello salad, green salad, rolls, veggie tray and sparkling cider and it was all yummy. Alexis begged to go home so she could use her new bath crayons and soaps, but fell asleep in the 3 minutes it takes to get home, I guess getting up so early has it's down falls! A present for me that was unexpected is that I can now feel the baby, I think I feel it moving but my tummy is hard where the baby is. It is exciting and today was that first day I could feel it.

December 26th, Alexis wakes up at 4:45 and goes out to the tree and looks for more gifts. Sadly she finds none and eventually falls back to sleep. We took her to go see the new Chipmunks movie, which she loved. She sat on the edge of her seat, laughing, clapping and being super cute. I was surprised she sat through the whole thing and didn't come over to sit on my lap until about 5 minutes before it ended.

Today she woke up early but it was just for a tissue and she went back to her room, came back a few minutes later because her face was sticky. I wiped it off and she went back to sleep on her own! I wonder if she kissed her giant life size doll that she put lip gloss on and that is where the sticky came from. I decided that church was out for me today. My sinus's are angry and so going to church sneezing, wiping, blowing and with this pressure didn't seem like a good idea. I will add photos later, right now I am going to sleep.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Alexis decided that she must pose by the piano and have me take pictures so I took her up on it!

I think she was excited for Santa too!

Our family picture! ( I'm not that big my shirt was just bunched up!)

Eat your dinner

For the past few weeks we have been in a battle with Alexis over eating meals. She loves her snacks and treats. Even though I claim that chips are half good for you because they are made from a vegetable does not mean they substitute real good food. We put her on a diet. No more chips, crackers, cookies, candy, fruit snacks, I don't even buy them. It was a huge sacrifice for me since I love snacks. I was tired of her eating snacks all day then being too full for dinner. When it was time for bed she would cry "I'm hungry and my tummy hurts." I couldn't let her go to bed hungry so I would give her a piece of bread and some water...I laughed every time thinking goodness child you are happy to eat prison rations. But the 2 week stand off is finally over and she is eating her meals. I am not caving into the tantrums, the I'm too tireds, I'm ok's anymore. The few snacks we have are kept very carefully guarded and on high shelves and I am happy to say we succeeded. (maybe now she won't be so "tired" all the time!) I would be kidding though if I said she eats her meals without any complaints or reminders. I have to ask her through the whole meal to just keep eating and if you want a treat you will eat what I feel is enough, but she does eat it.

I have been having my own food aversions lately, mostly hamburger. I don't like the smell or taste of it. Maybe that will change when the baby comes, who knows. I don't really miss it though, it is harder if we go to fast food. I have been loving the mandarin oranges right now! Alexis and I eat 1 each a day and I am crediting that to our extreme good fortune of being healthy. Britt has a cold and has not been eating them so that is my scientific proof!

We have also been dealing with a very sassy girl. She keeps getting threatened with no presents for Christmas because only sweet girls get presents. It chills her out for a short time and then she is back to telling us to "stop it," or "Don't talk to me," and many others that get her in trouble. I need to find a better punishment since telling her to go to her room results in a slammed door and her yelling at me more. If I put her in time she yells at me more or runs away from me. If I ignore her then she just keeps right on being sassy. So I guess I will just keep trying new things and hope one of them has an effect because the naughty chair doesn't phase her. I tried to find a picture of her looking sassy but apparently she is a good actress in front of the camera because I didn't find any. I substituted this crying picture, because it was for no reason on our way to the ward Christmas party.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our weekend

We had a very fun Ward Christmas party last night. The kids made an ornament and visited with Santa and Mrs. Claus, aka my parents. This year Alexis was not fooled and knew right away that Grandpa was Santa. We waited around until dinner time with me taking pictures for Relief Society and the kids running around, getting in trouble for running around(repeated numerous times!) Dinner was good and there was a huge amount of people, more then planned! A Charlie Brown Christmas play put on by the youth and then cheesecake. Alexis received her first kiss that we know of from a boy. Porter, the bishops son, gave her a kiss on the check during the play. Alexis and Porter have an interesting friendship, as in they either are getting along or fighting like cats and dogs. Afterward Britt was funny and went and asked Porter if he kissed Alexis and told him to save all his kisses for his mommy right now. It was funny!
On our way home Alexis started in with her huge request...lights on our house. So I guess Britt decided to throw her off by showing her houses that had crazy light displays. There is a street in Sky Island that really goes all out if anyone is wondering. If it hadn't been so cold we would have gotten out and walked it to look at the lights. Alexis loved it, she kept saying it was so beautiful and liked the twinkling stars the most. Lucky for us she fell asleep before we got home and we were able to turn in early. Britt's truck is finally fixed and they had him work Saturday and Sunday to make up for it. Alexis has a runny nose so we stayed home from church today. I really dislike people who bring their kids to church and say it is just a runny nose and then by Wednesday all the kids in nursery have the same runny nose, that turns into a cough and fever. So she now has a week to recover and keep the other children from getting her illness.
It is snowing finally here. We are so excited, Alexis and jumped around for joy, It is coming down pretty good, but isn't really sticking. It is cooling down so if it keeps it up we might have some accumulation! Love this time of year!

Friday, December 11, 2009

This week at our house

I think I am getting quicker at posts! Here is 13 weeks. We are very excited because we have passed the early miscarriage maker. In a few days we are starting the 2nd trimester. I have been feeling so much better, very rarely get sick and when I do it is from smells. I still get tired easy, but not going to complain about taking naps and going to bed early. Britt has been off for 4 days this week because of a broken truck and the weather has been so cold we have been just chillin at home. It may not be as cold as some of the rest of you are used to, but I am sure you all have snow we have none. I have seen it as low as 9 degrees and not braking freezing until today!!! It is 35 and hopefully we are onto warmer days.

I had just gotten out of the shower, so nothing is done.

Alexis built a bird house with daddy. She loved every second of it, even hammered a nail into the floor. Sadly you can't tell where so new floors will have to wait a little while longer, hopefully before the baby comes!

She was so proud!

Another bit of news. I have always been a bit sad when my sisters have gotten pregnant and had babies together. Those cousins always seem to be closer. Erin and Kate just had baby girls this fall and so they won't be having a baby with me. 3 of my sisters are done having kids so that left 2 and Katie's son is just turning 2 so I don't know when they are growing their family again. So now that just leaves my sister, Stephanie. I thought they were kind of done though, and so did they, but Heavenly Father doesn't think so. She is a few weeks behind me at 9 weeks. Britt and I have suspected for a few weeks, but didn't say anything. Last Saturday on the way home from the parade Ben confirmed that his mommy is having a baby. It was funny because right after he told me his mommy had a baby in her tummy, I asked if he is supposed to be telling me. He paused for a few seconds and quietly said no. I laughed and told him I would keep his secret. Alexis on the other hand went right up to Stephanie and said "you have a baby in your tummy!" Steph tried playing it off but not very well. She finally called me today and told me officially! So I am excited that our baby will have a cousin that is close in age to grow up with.

Well I need to eat lunch and finish Malachi's blanket so I can mail them off before Kimmie outgrows the outfit!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Ok I have been neglecting adding photos for long enough. Just know that we will be taking another belly picture tomorrow night and it may take me forever to add it. HAHA.

Alexis's new bed. I want to get a bed skirt and take out the box spring though!

Britt set this out for me to find on our Anniversary, Alexis was just as excited as I was but for different reasons. I have passed on my love of chips to her and Daddy had put Pringles in the basket!

We found Alexis sleeping on the couch one morning. I had come out about 5:30 and turned the heater up and I am so glad I did, she would have froze.

You guys are going to get the shirt down version of these photos. Britt is taking both and I think my tummy looks funny right now. I will try and post tomorrows picture quickly!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bunk bed

We got lucky today! We have been scouring Craigslist trying to find a bed frame for Alexis. Everything was way to expensive and junk. So for a year her mattress and box spring and been on the floor, she didn't care but I did. I think she was colder being that close to the floor. My parents being on a mission for the Seattle Mission are in charge of housing and setting up apartments. They have had a huge influx in donations to the mission and the storage units are full and so are garages. They had a bunk bed set that they couldn't get in and 1 mattress. The mission said to donate it to the DI. My parents thought that we might be able to use it and of course we jumped on it. The mattress is way nicer then the one we bought for Alexis, but also thicker. We are going to get a bunk bed board and switch mattress. She loves it, she also wants to sleep and play on the top so we turned the ladder to the wall. I am happy that she has a bed and that it was FREE. She was worried a bit that the top bed was going to fall on her so I expect her to come in our room tonight scared. I took a picture and will load it tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

11 weeks

We had our 2nd doctors appointment yesterday! We just love Nancy so much. She did another ultrasound and right away our babies face appeared. Now it is just a profile and no we can't tell what this little one will look like. Although Britt is a bit worried if it will come out with his nose as an infant. I have assured him that won't happen. I lost a pound from last month, but no big deal. I am starting to feel better as far as sickness goes. I am having some difficulty sleeping though and getting some heart burn. I will scan the ultrasound pictures in tomorrow and let you see them! Excitement!!!!! None of my jeans will button up now, I can't believe how fast that happened. The nice thing is I can still buy my regular size in Maternity pants. I have the non elastic panel ones and it feels so much better then my regular jeans. It is fun though and I am starting to embrace my body changing. It is still weird though since I have been working for most of my life to keep the weight off and now to be in the zone to pass Britt up, ohwell if the guy weighed more then 135 it wouldn't be so easy to catch him. Alexis loved getting to see the baby again. Britt says he is finding out what the baby is even if I don't want to know. So I guess we are finding out. I knew he didn't like surprises so I figured he would be itchin to know! Oh and the picture on my side bar of the baby would look like is exactly on, fun stuff! Ok well maybe not exactly but you know what I mean.

An Apostle of the Lord

Living outside the greater Salt Lake area we aren't exposed to the Apostles and other General Authorities as much as we would like. This past Sunday was a special treat for our Stake. Elder Richard G. Scott came and did a special meeting for us. It was wonderful to be sitting and listening to an Apostle of the Lord and feel that spirit! Even Alexis must have sensed that this was a special meeting because she was amazingly good, not one fit. We did have to remind her to talk in a whisper, but that is just Alexis. He asked 2 Young Ladies to come out of the audience and asked them questions about what their families do with things such as encouraging personal and family scripture study, Family home evening and praying. He spoke to us on losing a loved one. He bore testimony of our prophet and his love and kindness. He bore witness of our Savior and the Atonement. It was so amazing to be able to attend this meeting and I am so grateful that I am a member of this church and that I have the gospel.

10 years and still strong!

I didn't forget about our 10 year anniversary, just forgot to blog about it! We had a lovely evening. My parents took Alexis for the night and we went out to eat and to see a movie. We didn't have a bunch of time before our 7:30 movie started so we went to Thai really quick. It was yummy, but we like our normal Thai place better. We got to New Moon at 7pm and were lucky to find 2 seats together on the sad would that be to sit separately on our anniversary? Britt has been looking forward to the wolf scenes for months now. He was not disappointed either! After the movie we went to Applebee's for dessert, we wanted something warm. It was so fun to come home at 11 and not be stressed about putting Alexis to bed and all that. It doesn't feel like 10 years have gone by. It has gone so fast. We are so lucky to have found each other! I Love Britt so very much! Thanks for the last 10 and I can't wait for the next 10!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pg update

Well I am starting to show a bit. I am really not liking the way any of my clothes fit, but don't want to buy new ones either. Partly because I don't want to buy a bigger size of normal clothes. My sweat and pj pants kill my tummy though so I may have to give in. I am feeling good for the most part but every few days I feel sick again and mostly in the evening. We took our first photo of me yesterday at 10 weeks. Britt wants to take one every week in front of the crib with a sign saying how far along I am. I was going to wait until week 12, but since I am starting to show he decided now is good. Alexis is cute she still talks about all the babies in her tummy that are getting big. She will even lay on the couch and say she doesn't feel good because of the babies. It is fun though having her old enough to understand a little of what is going on. I did ask her how all 6 babies got in her tummy just to see what her response would be and she told me they just climbed in. I didn't press the issue, lol. Britt is always calling me with a new name he has thought of. He really likes Brooke for a girl and I really like Megan, wish they went together better. Boy names are tricky for me. I feel really strong in having a good name that they will be able to grow up with. I am not really into cutsie names for a boy. We will figure it out though! We are still undecided on if we will find out what the baby is. I really think it is a boy, but I am not sure if that is just because I want a boy. We are having fun and it is finally really sinking in that we are having a baby. Life is good.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Leslie you are in so much trouble...showing a pregnant girl this. If Alexis wasn't asleep right now I would be driving to the store in the middle of this crazy storm for yeast to make Orange rolls. Goodness she makes everything look sooooo yummy. Even things I don't really like (chicken fried steak). I will be getting yeast tomorrow, even after declaring to myself that I don't need to go to the store at all tomorrow. If I gain a ton of extra weight you will have to come over here and be my personal trainer next fall. LOL, really though I will be trying my hand at a few of her recipes!

Friday, November 13, 2009

waiting so patiently for her nails to be painted!

Making a bracelet

Alexis is in the I won't smile at the camara phase.

Huge pile of candy.

She drew the face herself!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I spent the whole day today cleaning. Things have gotten a bit neglected lately like the dusting and mopping. The sister missionaries were supposed to teach a lesson here so I thought I would spiffy things up. I think I over did it though, since now I am sore. The lesson I learned is do little bits everyday instead of letting it pile up. I have 5 blankets to make right now and so I better get busy. I think Alexis will be going to be early tonight!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mt. St. Helen's and the Ape Caves

September 26, 2009 we took a day to go see Mt. Saint. Helen's. It was cloudy and sprinkling on our way to the observatory, but then we cleared the clouds and had an amazing view of the valley and mountain. It is so humbling to see the power of mother nature. The kids loved it, they didn't love the car ride. After eating lunch at the mountain we headed off to do the ape caves. Our GPS told us there was a back road that would shave a bunch of time off the trip. They guys were all for trying it, it was a dirt road and probably would have gone through eventually if not for the gate that blocked the road part way. So we turned around and headed a different direction which took us to the main road. We got to the parking lot and found out that it was a free day so we didn't have to pay parking. We descended into the pitch black and had to stop. Britt forgot extra batteries, then Ben broke his flash light. The kids loved it though. Jon and Britt crawled on their bellies to the farthest they could go. We turned off all the lights at the end and let the kids feel just how dark it was crazy the blackness was so thick. Back at the entrance you could leave the caves or go to the upper cave. Alexis was done and so was Ben so Stephanie and i left and Britt, Jon and Sam went tot he upper cave. It was intense with climbing over boulders and skirt holes, glad I didn't take Alexis. We let the kids play and run around outside and when it started to get dark we got in the car and the kids played some more. It took the guys some 3 hours to get through the upper cave and we were starving by that point. We hit Mcdonald's and ate before starting the over 2 hour drive back to Jon and Steph's. Then the 45 minutes back to our house. It was seriously a fun day and I can't wait to explore more of Washington. Up next is the Olympic rain forest. We might wait until spring for that one though! Who knows though one of these nice Saturdays may just find us in the car driving west!

The battery on the camera died right after this picture.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I have cute pictures from Halloween, but I haven't charged the battery on my camera so you will all have to wait! We had a fun couple of nights though. Ward trunk or treat....followed by cold stone creamery with friends and family on Friday night. Halloween morning we carved Alexis's pumpkin. She really didn't like the gooey stuff, but toughed through it and drew a face on her pumpkin. I cute it out and she was so excited. We then went to the Deputy's Annual Halloween bash and had a good time visiting with friends and eating. Our High School has a Pumpkin Bash thing that another church puts on and they give out lots of candy and have fun games for the kids to play. It was dry and warm so it was the right choice for me! We had beef stew and Mexican hot chocolate afterwards at our house. Sadly Britt, Jon and Sam didn't get to celebrate with us. Britt had to work and Jon was with Sam in the hospital.

Sam spent the week at Mary Bridge after a middle of the night appedentictomy on Tuesday. His appendix had ruptured leaving him a very sick little boy. He didn't start holding anything down until Sunday and thankfully was released today. He will still be on Antibotic for 2 more weeks, has a picc line in his arm for the meds and has to stay out of school the rest of the week. I don't suggest this method for getting out of school for 2 weeks though. He seems to be doing 100% better. Sam had us very worried though.

I bought my first pair of maternity pants today. Not the ones with the elastic panel though. They have an adjustable waistband. My size 4 pants were not fitting at all. I need to get a new skirt also, none of them fit comfortably, and with 3 hours of church meetings I want to feel good! Britt didn't work today because his truck was getting a service so we were able to hang out as a family. We went shopping and out to lunch. It is much easier to clothes shop with Britt there because he doesn't seem to mind spending the money. Weird! It was a fun day though, even if I do snip a bit at him here and there!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Doctor visit #1

Today we went to see Nancy Spencer for our first appointment. I love that she is family oriented. Alexis sat on the bed while she did a quick ultrasound to peek at the baby. It was hard for Alexis to understand since the baby is so small. I am 7 weeks 3 days and due June 14, 2010. She is sending me for another ultrasound on Friday so they can take a closer look and really pin point a due date since this was so un-expected and I wasn't really paying attention to my cycles. Britt mentioned that he thinks it is multiples, she could only see one baby but said that the other ultrasound will show everything. I think there is only one though. I asked why my pants are tight already and she said that it is Britt I am not over eating and just getting fat, lol. She drew blood and the family veins proved themselves worthy and wouldn't give up blood. She finally got her 2 vials on the 3rd try. My arm is killing me and I can't pick things up or bend it. I am sure I will have a giant bruise. I don't have another appointment until right before Thanksgiving. I will scan the picture in here for all to see our little pea!
It is in a zip lock bag because Alexis keeps looking at it. I think I will put it in a plastic frame or something to protect it and so that she can look at it. That is what all the waves are in the picture.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin patch and more!

A few photos to catch up!

On one of the last nice days of the year I was watching the Schaub's. Alexis and Evana decided to make root beer mud nice clothes. I chose to use my nice mommy and told them that they would just have to play in the sprinkler. Really doesn't every kid make root beer mud pies? So I put the splash mat on and they decided their clothes need to come off. Then they washed them, beating them and flipping them around. They did a pretty good job. So I snapped a few pictures. They went in the garden and tried to find any strawberries that might still be growing. They had fun.(do you like the well placed plants? No naked bum shots.)

We met our new niece/cousin Madison on Saturday. Madison is Kevin's daughter that we just found out about. She is almost 2 and very tall. The kids played, made carmel apples and ate mini hamburgers. We then went to the pumpkin patch. Maris farms is always fun and not as muddy as others due to grass and gravel walks. We did the corn maze, jumped, went down the slide a bunch, well not me, the hay ride and looked at pumpkins. Sadly Britt wasn't able to join us because he was in Spokane. They had tons of fun and we even rewarded with a funnel cake!

Is it really that hard to smile?

Grandpa and his four grandkids...#5 is on its way!

Alexis and the cat have a love hate they are at their best.