Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin patch and more!

A few photos to catch up!

On one of the last nice days of the year I was watching the Schaub's. Alexis and Evana decided to make root beer mud nice clothes. I chose to use my nice mommy and told them that they would just have to play in the sprinkler. Really doesn't every kid make root beer mud pies? So I put the splash mat on and they decided their clothes need to come off. Then they washed them, beating them and flipping them around. They did a pretty good job. So I snapped a few pictures. They went in the garden and tried to find any strawberries that might still be growing. They had fun.(do you like the well placed plants? No naked bum shots.)

We met our new niece/cousin Madison on Saturday. Madison is Kevin's daughter that we just found out about. She is almost 2 and very tall. The kids played, made carmel apples and ate mini hamburgers. We then went to the pumpkin patch. Maris farms is always fun and not as muddy as others due to grass and gravel walks. We did the corn maze, jumped, went down the slide a bunch, well not me, the hay ride and looked at pumpkins. Sadly Britt wasn't able to join us because he was in Spokane. They had tons of fun and we even rewarded with a funnel cake!

Is it really that hard to smile?

Grandpa and his four grandkids...#5 is on its way!

Alexis and the cat have a love hate they are at their best.

3 lil' notes:

Cynthia said...

The pumpkin pic's are super cute!
I especially like the one with Grandpa and grandkids...Sweet memories :)

acl said...

Cute cute pictures and yeah about the baby!

Horn Family said...

Cute pictures!!!! Oh my heck! When did you guys find out about Madison?!!! What a surprise!!! Can't wait to see grandbaby #5!!! : )